• NE
  • 20 Necromancer 5 Agent of the Grave Mythic Lich
  • Deity: The Open Armed
  • Love: people who challenge him, people who take him seriously, his familiar Bartandelus
  • Hate: people who dismiss him, people who break his trust, the Heroes of Logas
  • Goal: Pallos desires a kingdom, where he is the revered, powerful, and adored ruler. He will carve this kingdom from the countless bodies that will result from the chaos of the Kingdom of Darkness, and he might use these bodies, strong and meek, small and gargantuan, witty or foolish, to fuel the strength of his empire until Golarion belongs to him.

The life of the Grand Maester Pallos is mostly a mystery. He seemed to appear in the courts of Cheliax out of the ether, and his approval was just as quick to appear. Many have pondered the rumors of his birthplace being not far from Egorian, and some claim he comes from Isger.

His parents are never mentioned, and Pallos goes out of his way not to talk about them.

Pallos was first known to seek the approval of the Chelaxian courts by offering a small gift of magic items to House Thrune as well as handing several secrets of armor enchantment to the Hellknight orders. He regularly tours about the region. He is currently a title-holder in the courts of Cheliax, Geb, Nidal, Isger, Varisia, Osirion, Rahadoum, Qadira, Ustalav, and Taldor. He is known in several other governments, but not granted privileges beyond those of an esteemed visitor.

The only certainty about him is that he is a star of the Inner Sea Region, and loved by many kingdoms, sovereigns and peasants.


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