Woodthorp is a small speck on Isger’s map, a muddy town along the Conerica Straits. The Heroes of Logas arrived during a long rainy streak in the region, and found the town to be particularly muddy and swamp-like.

The town was under the heel of the Hellknight Order of the Chain, who planned on taking the town’s recently closed distillery as a new Hellknight base. The Heroes managed to find the deed to the distillery, and therein the town’s economy.

Pallos had also unleashed a Ghoul Troll near the town, who was taking the inhabitants and turning them into its spawn. This was also foiled by the Heroes of Logas.


LN large city

Corruption -4; Crime -5; Economy -4; Law -2; Lore -3; Society -4

Qualities insular

Danger -10


Government council

Population 20


Base Value 50 gp; Purchase Limit 500 gp; Spellcasting 1st

Minor Items 1d4; Medium Items 0; Major Items 0

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