The Keep of Zalor

You met a strange and air-headed aasimar in the Society’s Grand Lodge. He seems to have trouble with his memory, but his ailment appears to be magical in nature.

Kot’s magical amnesia was cracked open, allowin him enough memory to bring the Arbiters to Zalor’s keep on a small uncharted island south of Absalom.

The keep was breached, and several fetchling guards beaten back. Kytons, Demons, and an Azata were encountered during the climb. Kot found a small wax doll of himself as well. Upon striking it open he released his memories and several years of his life in skill, as well as his more divine form.

At the top, Spencer Khalim had cornered Zalor, who had begun to have a change of heart about the cult. He ordered her to kill the Arbiters, but was ultimately persuaded out of the confrontation. Zalor was then rescued from Spencer, who had also summoned a nightshade to kill the Arbiters and their new friends. In a dazzling display of skill and strength, the Arbiters left victorious.

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The Keep of Zalor

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