The Calling

Lanus, a champion of the goddess of death and birth, Pharasma, has been asked by the goddess to seek out a band of adventurers in Logas, and to travel with them for some now unknown purpose.

Lanus indeed found these adventurers, and began his travels with them, waiting for his purpose to arise.

In Elidir, Lanus managed to successfully bring a newborn babe into the world, whom the mother named Lanus in his honor. A whippoorwill appeared before Lanus, leaving him a single black feather, as proof of Pharasma watching him.

Lanus has been given the charge of eliminating Pallos by Pharasma herself. After a long and arduous battle in Pallos’s extraplanar lair, Lanus was finally able to strike the lich down and send him to Pharasma for judgment.

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The Calling

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