Quest Lines

Below are a list of quest lines involving various people of Golarion that have been taken up by the Absalom Arbiters.

I will list them as the party becomes aware of them. Feel free to take a look here if you don’t remember quite what you were asked to do.

Also feel free to make notes or changes that you see fit.

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Main Storyline

  1. Mysteries of the Masks

Character Quests

  1. Suhaila Liliya Ayperi : Brother Where Art Thou COMPLETED
  2. Altaire (Ali) Goldmeadow : As Real As It Gets COMPLETED
  3. Hroth : Hunted COMPLETED
  4. Silhren Rilbahn : Destroyer of Darkness COMPLETED
  5. Luthien Seregon : Dragon Savior COMPLETED
  6. Leona Wells : You Killed My Father COMPLETED

NPC Quests

  1. Treval Bast : Family Matters COMPLETED
  2. Kot Olivere : The Keep of Zalor COMPLETED
  3. Garren : Find a Friend COMPLETED
  4. Zarishu Sala : Taming of the Beast COMPLETED

General Quests

  1. Vial Secrets: Gives it a Kick COMPLETED
  2. Sage ’n General: Show Me a Vision COMPLETED I GUESS
  3. Aroden’s Lingering Sentiment: Lock It Away

Quest Lines

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