Freedom is My Rule

Jon was born in Ustalav, but was moved to Galt to learn the ways of the revolution, hoping to bring Ustalav the uprising it so desperately needed to escape the bony fingers of the Immortal Principality.

To this end, Jon took up worship of the goddess Milani, the Everbloom. Her ways of uprising against tyranny was exactly what Jon was looking for in an idol. His fascination with her has slowly become more than hero-worship, and now he heeds her every word.

A strange crow continues to travel with Jon. She originally appeared to him with a single red rose in her beak. This crow led Jon to an abandoned Milani temple in Elidir, where he found a second single, pristine rose growing from the stone floor of the forgotten structure. This rose bounded itself with the rose he had received from Crow before into a small bouquet.

The third rose was found in the Court of Ether in the Darklands. It unlocked a power of the bouquet, allowing the Jon to free the enslaved fey from their darker brethren.

The fourth rose was found in the woods of Arthfell
inside a temple built for Milani. The local bishop attempted to contact Milani directly with these roses, but his communion was cut off by the Open-Armed, who took his face and sent a servant to kill the Heroes of Logas. The creature was slain, and with power of the growing bouquet, Jon freed him from the binds of the Open-Armed.

The fifth and final rose was found inside the body of Richard upon his destruction at the hands of Fury.

ALL roses have been found.

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Freedom is My Rule

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