Destroyer of Darkness

After a near deadly encounter with an antipaladin named Tazula, Silhren found a kind of nemesis in her cruelty.

After she smashed his precious ocarina and vowed to end their lives before being whisked away by Spencer, she became a threat to the world that Silhren would not tolerate.

Silhren met Tazula again in Aroden’s Vault, where the Arbiters engaged Spencer and her. When all hope seemed lost, Silhren was given a divine gift by Shelyn: his armor became the Canvas of the Protector. He used its new powers to call upon Shelyn’s godly might, which he pitted against Tazula and the Open-Armed’s gift to her. They clashed with divine energy and steel, but Silhren proved victorious this time. Tazula tried to cling to her strength and her identity as she fell and was saved by Black Magnus the Revenant. She desired revenge.

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Destroyer of Darkness

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