Aroden's Vault

Aroden’s Vault was a mighty pillar standing up from the sea, erected by Aroden himself. It stood in the bay of Absalom, what is now called the Flotsam Graveyard, and held the service of some of Aroden’s most faithful followers. After Aroden’s death, the Vault has been forgotten, as followers moved to Iomedae’s church, or families of worshipers disappeared. Now the Vault stands abandoned. Adding insult to injury, the earthquake that rocked Absalom and sunk the Puddles below sea level, also pulled the Vault down several stories, and now many of the rooms are submerged.

Aroden’s Vault was originally built to keep hold of magical items that humanity could not presently handle, and preventing their use by unsavory villains. The seals being submerged for several years, and receiving no care from followers, have become weak, and their plunder could be claimed if the wards are not strengthened again.

This purpose was overshadowed and replaced when Aroden learned of something that no man, elf, dwarf, halfling, or monster could ever hold: the shards of the Starstone. He demanded his faithful collect these orbs and throw them into the vault, never to be seen again and never to be called upon for power. Several large shards rest within the weakening Vault, but Aroden’s consciousness left behind on a clever glass artifact in the temple above the vaults which told the Absalom Arbiters of the danger of this drowning vault.

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Aroden's Vault

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