Absalom Arbiters

The many time heroes of Absalom, this name was given to a band of Pathfinders after saving the city, and several surrounding nations and oceans, from a mass Night’s Breath infection. The name has become well-known, and there are few people in the Inner Sea who have not heard of the Arbiters and their accomplishments.

Current Fame: 100

The Arbiters are, in no particular order:

One member, Rethovel, has since left the Arbiters to pursue his own goals.

Nochte is deceased.

Character level 17
Repelling a small goblin invasion +1
Saved the Pathfinder Deans +3
Scared off cultists +1
Destroyed a cult base +3
Good acts by Lilly +1
Stopped Kolar +3
Stopping Old Lady +1
Acquiring your own property in the Petal District +2
Acquiring an adventuring shop +1
Halted the poisonous hurricane +2
Restored a Seeker’s memories +2
Pacified the monstrous humanoids of the Kortos Mounts +2
Moved the alignments of the Kortos tribes to good +2
Redeemed and brought home a cult member (Zalor) +3
Scuffle with the Sczarni +1
Discovered a lost temple to Aroden +3
Archer Feast +5
Won the games in the Archerfeast +3
Saved the guests at Azlanti keep +2
Defeating Queen Frilogarma +3
Group Names on menu at Meg’s +1
Dealt with Tris Darkjester +2
Cleansed Omash +3
Defeated Tazula +5
Defeated Spencer +3
Drove off War and the Rake +2
Fought against Slenderman +3
Music performances +8
Couldn’t save Starfall -4
Stopped the “Messenger” +6
Assisted in rebuilding Absalom +1
Resurrected the Withe family +4
Accomplishments during the time lapse +5
Publicly casting Miracle spells +6

Absalom Arbiters

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