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  • The Kings of Darkness

    "Standing at the maddening edge of your peripheral vision, you'll never see them, but always know they are there..." A number of encounters with this group have been recorded by the Pathfinder Society, but each encounter brings more worrisome tales of …

  • Threats

    Below are a list of threats that are unique to the Kingdom of Darkness campaign. * [[The Kings of Darkness | The Kings of Darkness/Cult of the Open Armed]] * [[The Righteous Fury]] [[Main Page | Back to Main Page]]

  • The Righteous Fury

    A radical sect of the church of "Iomedae":http://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Iomedae, the Righteous Fury is an all human group of misguided crusaders. Long Ago, when the prophecies called for "Aroden":http://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Aroden's return, the …

  • The Operators

    A small group of loyal servants of the [[The Open-Armed | Open-Armed]], commanded by [[:the-rake-1 | The Rake]], carry out the will and desires of the dark god. Their numbers are unknown, but the following members have been encountered. * [[:war-3 | …