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  • Shelyn's Canvas

    Gifted to [[:silhren-rilbahn | Silhren]] during a desperate battle with [[:spencer-khalim | Spencer]] and [[:tazula | Tazula]] to aid him in his battle against the [[The Kings of Darkness | cult]].

  • Heritage

    A gun that [[:keshkee-jathal | Kesh]] borrowed from her adopted father, Balo, was awoken by her mother, a powerful "Riftwarden":http://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Riftwardens named [[:tari-elenese | Tari Elenese]]. A gift from the family, it has served her …

  • Sigh of Shushaar

    An old longbow, given to [[:hroth | H'roth]] by his master in the temple of "Irori":http://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Irori that H'roth spent his later years in.

  • Dovetail

    This cloak, lovingly crafted by [[:treval-bast | Treval Bast]], was given as a gift to Suhaila as congratulations for winning the women's portion of the Archerfeast competitions.

  • Milani's Bouquet

    Five rose's were gathered by [[:jon-3 | The Jon]] and wrapped in a ribbon brought by his long-time companion, Crow. A gift from Milani herself, this bouquet is a symbol of liberation from tyranny.

  • Campaign Rewards

    This is a list for Kingdom of Darkness-specific rewards that can be obtained through the "Reputation and Fame":www.d20pfsrd.com/gamemastering/other-rules/reputation-and-fame system in "Ultimate Campaign":http://paizo.com/products/btpy8x64?Pathfinder- …