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  • Idol of the Open-Armed

    This small idol depicts a black eye shedding a single tear. Holding it in the palm of one's hand creates vague feelings of loss, sadness, and desire for revenge. Higher level cultists like Proxies seem to carry one on them. People who touch them …

  • Mask of the Open Armed

    The masks are handed down to Proxies of the [[The Kings of Darkness | Cult of the Open Armed]] as a commemoration of their new status in the cult. The Nightshade servants of the Open Armed himself hand deliver these extraplanar artifacts to new Proxies on …

  • Nightshade Scroll

    This scroll contains ancient Azlanti lore on the villainous Nightshades, from the dimension between the Shadow Plane and the Negative Energy Plane. It depicts simple illustrations of four known types of Nightshade: # The Nightwalker: these towering …

  • Letter from Axlorn

    This letter was found in the secret cult hideout in Absalom, under a warehouse behind [[:silhren-rilbahn | Silhren's]] residence. It was opened when the party found it, sitting in the planning room, where other important documents were found, including …

  • Letter from Casamir 1

    This letter was delivered by [[:benneth | Benneth]] from a contact of his from out of town. [[:casamir-ayperi | Casamir]] likely went to great risk to send Suhaila the letter.

  • Shelyn's Canvas

    Gifted to [[:silhren-rilbahn | Silhren]] during a desperate battle with [[:spencer-khalim | Spencer]] and [[:tazula | Tazula]] to aid him in his battle against the [[The Kings of Darkness | cult]].

  • Heritage

    A gun that [[:keshkee-jathal | Kesh]] borrowed from her adopted father, Balo, was awoken by her mother, a powerful "Riftwarden":http://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Riftwardens named [[:tari-elenese | Tari Elenese]]. A gift from the family, it has served her …

  • Sigh of Shushaar

    An old longbow, given to [[:hroth | H'roth]] by his master in the temple of "Irori":http://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Irori that H'roth spent his later years in.

  • Dovetail

    This cloak, lovingly crafted by [[:treval-bast | Treval Bast]], was given as a gift to Suhaila as congratulations for winning the women's portion of the Archerfeast competitions.

  • Milani's Bouquet

    Five rose's were gathered by [[:jon-3 | The Jon]] and wrapped in a ribbon brought by his long-time companion, Crow. A gift from Milani herself, this bouquet is a symbol of liberation from tyranny.

  • Wishrooms

    A strange mushroom that almost looks like a growth with greasy white hair, these strange fungi only grow in places where much death has soaked the soil in blood. The "Cairnlands":http://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Cairnlands seem to be a good place to find …

  • Night's Breath

    A potent toxin developed by the cultist [[:kolar-1 | Kolar]]. The toxin comes in liquid form primarily, but has been turned into a gas with extra ingredients and boiling temperatures. This toxin has strange extraplanar ingredients from both the "Shadow …