Pathfinder: The Kingdom of Darkness

Group A: Unwelcome Interruptions
Sometimes, adventure and awkwardness go hand in hand...

Suli: Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Green Room! This is a special, extradimensional space where we Kingdom of Darkness characters can look back over our recent adventures together! To help us tell the story today, we have a great group of characters: our elven ranger, Nochte, his wolf, Lupa, our brave paladin, Silhren, and me, Suhaila! Say hi, guys!
Nochte: (grunt)
Silhren: What crazy antics did I miss?
Suli: Don’t worry, you’ll catch up. Anyway, we’re here to provide a narrative of what’s happened in the most recent episodes… and provide appropriate color commentary, of course! Fortunately for us, the magic of the Green Room allows us to know everything that’s happened, whether we were there for it or not, so we won’t miss anything. Anyway, enough explanation; let’s get started, shall we? Cue the lights!
After an evening of song and drink, the Arbiters of Absalom returned home to rest. Once her companions were asleep, Suhaila retrieved the pieces of Silhren’s ocarina and called out to their mysterious houseguest, offering to make her a new scarf in return for fixing the ocarina. An agreement was reached, and the ocarina was fixed by sunrise.
Nochte: What’s an ocarina?
Suli: Wh- Really?!
Nochte: TUN. DRA.
Suli: Sheesh…
Silhren: So… Does that mean you can’t play us the song of your people?
Nochte: I can’t, but…
Lupa: (loud howling)
Nochte: (wipes away a tear) Beautiful, isn’t it? It’s very poetic.
Suli: …Welp, that just happened. Anyhow…
Upon waking, Hroth discovered the repaired ocarina on the table; Suli claimed to have no knowledge of how it got there. In shock, he ran upstairs to where Silhren slept, thrust the ocarina to his lips, and ordered him to play it. Although thoroughly confused, Silhren complied, happy to have his instrument again.
After calming down, Hroth decided to make breakfast for everyone. Unwilling to expose her inability to eat, Suhaila ate breakfast anyway to avoid suspicion.
Nochte: Your lies led to a woman slapping me. I will have my vengeance.
Suli: Oh, HELL no. Did you see anything that happened after that? Any of it?! ‘CUZ I THINK THAT WAS PRETTY EFFECTIVE VENGEANCE.
After breakfast, Hroth, Nochte, and Suli decided to go shopping in the Coins district. On the way there, Suhaila’s breakfast caught up with her; she didn’t want her companions to worry, so she told them she was having “female problems.” Unfortunately, neither Hroth nor Nochte knew what that meant; they assumed she was ill and decided to take her to the nearest temple to be healed. Unfortunately for Suhaila, the nearest temple was a temple to Calistria, goddess of lust and revenge…
Suli: (glares at Nochte)
Nochte: It’s your own fault for lying to us.
Silhren: You really did bring it on yourself…
Lupa: Woof. (You all yell too much. And yes, she did bring it upon herself.)
Suli: (sigh) Let’s just get this part over with.
Confusion and humiliation reigned in the Calistrian temple; not understanding the situation, a priestess of Calistria brought out several male prostitutes for a horrified Suli to choose from. It took some time, but eventually the confusion was straightened out; after leaving, the trio quickly made their purchases in the Coins district and headed to Meg’s for lunch.

Meanwhile, Silhren decided to head to Skyreach and do some research on the enemy that had defeated them so handily the morning before. He spent the whole morning researching, and his efforts proved fruitful. In the archives, there was information about a paladin named Tazula; she had been a Mendevian crusader lost in the Worldwound. The Pathfinder Society sent out a rescue team, but she was never recovered. His suspicions about the antipaladin confirmed, Silhren went to Meg’s to meet his companions and share the new information.
Suli: That chick is going to smash our heads into the ground. I’m not a fan.
Silhren: Well, she might smash my face in and use you for decoration.
Suli: Somehow, I’m not comforted by that…
Altaire and Lilli had little luck with their morning crime patrol, but they did manage to wander into the district of the Starstone Cathedral; true to form, Altaire found a tavern and decided to investigate. As it turned out, the bar was the primary temple to the god Cayden Cailean; Altaire and Lilli were welcomed with open arms, and the Caydenites were happy to explain the simple tenets of their religion. Altaire was enchanted by the god and his temple, and he decided then and there to worship Cayden Cailean alongside Shelyn. In order to entertain the crowd, he told them a number of exciting (if exaggerated) stories from his past; the crowd loved it and encouraged him to tell tales until his voice was sore. After a while, Altaire and Lilli departed, promising to return again soon; they, too, headed to Meg’s.
Suli: Y’know, I’m not sure I want to know what he told them about us… not after that whole “conduit of divine death” speech from last time…
Nochte: For a little man, he has a large opinion of himself…
Suli: I’m more worried about the large opinion he has of us; I’m not sure I can live up to whatever crazy stuff he’s saying this time.
Silhren: Look on the bright side; it can’t get much more far-fetched, right?
Suli: …(sigh)
Sym decided to strike out on his own for the morning in hopes of finding a catfolk community in the city; after asking around, he learned that one existed in the West End. He headed in that direction and was successful in finding the community. Enjoying interacting with his own kind, Sym purchased some food and took to the rooftops, where he was discovered by an attractive female catfolk. She introduced herself as Lana and invited Sym to a meal with the others, which he happily accepted. At the dinner, he entertained the group with a magic display, which was received warmly. One little catfolk boy in particular seemed infatuated with Sym’s magical abilities. After the meal, Sym thanked the group and left for Meg’s in search of his allies.
Suli: That little catfolk kid was adorable! I hope we see more of him.
Silhren: It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!
Around noon, Nochte and an exasperated Suli wound up at Meg’s; Suli explained her morning’s predicaments to Meghan, only to be laughed at by her friend. After lunch, Nochte learned about alcohol; Meghan brought him a glass of wine, which he enjoyed, but then he asked for the strongest drink on the menu. Grinning mischievously, Meghan returned with a mug full of “Torag’s Favorite Joke,” a beverage so powerful that the dwarven regulars were amazed a non-dwarf had ordered it. They watched in anticipation, waiting to see Nochte’s reaction.
Suli: So… was that like an ale, or what?
Nochte: It was like nightmares, is what it was.
As expected, the drink was ridiculously potent, and Nochte became almost instantly drunk; however, he did manage to conjure the balance and presence of mind to walk over and bow to the dwarves before asking Suhaila to help him leave.
Nochte: I needed to go home.
Suli: I DID try to warn you, y’know.
Nochte: No warning would have been sufficient. That drink should be labeled in bright red, “NEVER CONSUME.”
Suli took him outside and used magic to remove the worst of his drunkenness; afterward, the two returned to the bar, only to be stopped outside by Meghan. In their absence, Sczarni thugs had come to the bar; they were looking for the girl who had refused their boss and the woman who had knocked him unconscious. With Nochte still suffering from the drink’s effects, the three of them weren’t sure what to do; fortunately, Silhren, Altaire, Lilli, and Sym arrived on the scene in time to help. After preparing for a potential fight, the group confronted the thugs; between righteous anger and clear strength of arms, the Arbiters were able to intimidate the Sczarni into leaving the tavern without a fight. After they left, Suhaila had no choice but to explain the situation, so the group could be prepared for potential repercussions.
Suli: …Jerkbags.
Nochte: I’m glad it didn’t come to blows; I’m not sure my aim would have been steady.
Suli: Yeah… It would have been Grom levels of inaccuracy.
Nochte: What’s a Grom? I feel like you’re just making things up now.
Suli: (exasperated sigh) Grom is a blind halfling who throws explosives. And before you ask, explosives are things that blow up and make fire.
Nochte: (feigning knowledge) I know what explosives are.
Suli: Of course you do. (pats Nochte on the back)
Silhren: Oh, so they do have bombs in the tundra?
Nochte: (hateful glower)
After all the excitement, Nochte decided it would be best for him to head home and rest, so he and Sym left for the house. Everyone else decided to go to Skyreach; on their way in, the heroes ran into Khrane and Jaistelle, arguing once again about something or another. Upon request, Khrane bodily picked up Altaire and threw him across town and into the Docks District. Altaire and Lilli went back on crime watch for the remainder of the afternoon.
In order to establish new contacts for the tribes of the Kortos Mounts, Suhaila and Silhren sought out Marcos Farabellus and explained the situation, asking him to take a trip into the Mounts with them to meet the harpy chieftainess. Farabellus agreed, and the three of them headed there. The harpy chieftainess came to see them; Suhaila made introductions, and with some careful diplomacy, both sides were able to see the benefit of working together. Happy with their progress, Suhaila and Silhren decided to call it a day and headed home.
Suli: I’m so glad they’ve gotten off on the right foot; it’s only a matter of time before the tribes have a new lease on life and we have a united front against the cult! (high-fives Silhren)
Silhren: Sometimes love can be the most powerful thing of all!
Nochte: I saw a number of fellows at the bar react to events with the same gusto that you portray… are you… drunk?
Suli: Drunk on the happiness that comes with spreading togetherness and redemption! (sparkly eyes)
Nochte: There is nothing about this entire situation that does not sicken me to the point of agonizing death.
After a long day, Altaire and Sym both decided to head over to Meg’s for dinner and a drink. Khrane and Jaistelle were already there, serving as bodyguards for Meghan. Looking around, Sym found Garren in the back of the tavern having a glass of red wine. They talked; Garren asked Sym to not let it get around that he had been here, drinking. As they spoke, Treval interrupted them and challenged Garren to a rematch. Garren acquiesced; the two fought on the performance stage, and although Treval got the first hit, he was handily defeated shortly after. An exasperated Jaistelle healed his wounds; Treval thanked her and fled. Shortly afterward, both Altaire and Sym decided to head home; Sym walked, but Altaire elected to be thrown home by Khrane, who was all too happy to comply. Unfortunately, Altaire came down in front of the house just as Suhaila was entering it; he landed on the poor girl, knocking her to the ground. He apologized and stumbled drunkenly inside to bed, leaving Suhaila alone downstairs.
Suli: (worried) I swear, it’s like Treval is TRYING to get himself killed…
Nochte: That Treval boy… Oh! Yes. The one you stared at like a wolf in heat.
Lupa: Bark! (Damn girl, get it.)
Suli: (blushing, emanating waves of rage) …You are not my favorite person right now.
Nochte: Well I’m not a person. I am a Snowcaster Elf. So that does not make sense.
Nochte: Firstly, I have no idea what an assbag is. Secondly, while I know little of your southern… “culture”… I’m sure a young lady cursing is considered most unladylike.
Nochte: No we did not. However, we did have good manners. (small smile)
Silhren: Given your knowledge of women, it sounds like you spent a lot of time doing the one-handed dance around the ballroom, Nochte.
Nochte: (rolls eyes) Damn southerners…
A few minutes later, Hroth returned home as well, having spent the majority of his day training at the archery range. He found Suli and expressed his concerns that the house was causing her illness and other problems. Out of options, Suli confessed about her new divine abilities to Hroth; she admitted that she had been choosing to not eat and sleep so she could protect the others while they rested. Hroth did his best to convince her that keeping watch was everyone’s responsibility and that she should feel safe in her own home. Just as Suhaila was about to agree with him, the door was thrown open, and an invisible cultist began attacking them. Hroth held the cultist at bay while Suhaila alerted the rest of the house; everyone woke quickly and joined the fight. With the help of a bag of flour and a carefully aimed Dispel Magic, the heroes were able to pinpoint the cultist; after taking a substantial amount of damage, he tried to flee, only to be shot down on his way out by an enraged Hroth.
Suli: Oh, jeez, I can’t watch this next part… (covers her eyes)
After stabilizing and tying up the cultist, the heroes decided to remove his mask; to their horror, they found that the man had no facial features. The cultist awoke, and Nochte effectively intimidated him into telling them what they wanted to know. The Arbiters asked the cultist who sent him; he responded, “The person behind you.” The group whirled around; nothing was there, but the overpoweringly evil presence was palpable, even without Silhren detecting evil. Frozen in horror, the heroes could do nothing but watch as the cultist was torn into bloody chunks by the invisible being.
Suli: (still hiding) Is it over yet?
Nochte: (glances over) Yes… He is now just liquefied intestines and bad life choices.
Silhren: Coming into my house uninvited is always a bad life choice.
After taking a moment to collect themselves (and settle their stomachs), the Arbiters did what they could to clean up the mess. Out of a sense of duty, Nochte blessed the remains of the cultist; unbeknownst to him, this action deprived the cultist of his rest with the Open Armed. They returned to bed, but sleep was long in coming.
Nochte: (wide smile) All has gone according to plan…
Suli: Pffft, you didn’t plan that; in canon, you don’t even know that it happened!
Nochte: (shrugs) Still one more soul than YOU’VE deprived the all powerful shredder of bodies and slayer of hopes.
Suli: I prefer to deprive it of souls by… oh, I dunno… KEEPING PEOPLE ALIVE IN THE FIRST PLACE.
Nochte: Those words you just used don’t make sense in the order you used them.
Suli: (resigned sigh)
The next day, the heroes went to Skyreach and found Kot looking at a map, trying to remember more of his past. After introducing everyone, Suhaila tried to break Kot’s curse again with mythic power; although it did not break the curse, it did enough damage to it to allow some memories through. Kot suddenly became lucid and remembered where he needed to go to regain his memories. The Arbiters convinced him to wait for them, so they could accompany him. Kot gave the heroes two hours to prepare for departure.
The Arbiters made some last-minute purchases and arrangements and regrouped at the docks. Just as they were leaving, Kot was accosted by a familiar, overly-energetic kitsune; after chewing Kot out for trying to leave without her, she invited herself along, introducing herself as Saya.
Suli: I don’t think I’ve ever heard a person talk as fast at that fox-lady does… It’s impressive, really.
The group sailed for a few days, passing the time by exercising, crafting, and gambling with the sailors. After the journey, they arrived at a small, dark island with a tower known as the Keep of Zalor. Just before reaching the island, the ship was attacked by a giant, fiendish squid. The monster did its best to grab and crush the heroes, but with a combination of arrows and divine magic, the Arbiters were able to deflect and defeat the beast.
Suli: I have never expended as much holy power that quickly IN MY LIFE. I thought I was gonna DIE.
Nochte: (shifts uncomfortably, mumbling) thanksforsavinglupaireallyoweyouonetellnooneoriendyou.
Suli: (blinks) …Anytime? (tentative thumbs up)
Nochte: (shifts uncomfortably) Damn Southerners…
Upon disembarking, the group realized that this island overlapped with the Shadow Plane. Taking precautions, they explored the island until they found the gates of the keep, where they were attacked by fetchling sentries from the shadows. Quickly dispatching the menace, the Arbiters infiltrated the keep and began to explore. After some searching, they came across a strange hallway with magical traps; they took the time to test the room before entering and quickly ran through. Kot was a hair too slow and got caught, but the Arbiters freed him in time.

Moving to the stairwell, the group found it to be impassable; tendrils of solid shadow blocked them from entry. Hoping to find a way around the issue, the heroes entered another hallway, where they could hear the sounds of lustful activity coming from one of the rooms; upon investigation, they discovered an incubus and a kyton engaging in S&M-style foreplay. In the room with them was a treasure chest that appeared to contain an item that could unblock the stairs. After a moment’s deliberation, the heroes charged the evil outsiders and defeated them in the most efficient and awkward way possible. They opened the chest, which contained a wand of Daylight. The Arbiters used the wand in the stairwell room, and the shadows disappeared, granting them access to the next level…
Nochte: Ok. NO ONE knew what THAT was. That wasn’t a tundra thing, that was a “Sweet baby Pharasma, what did I just see” kind of thing.
Lupa: (whimper) (That did not look fun AT ALL.)
Suli: I’m gonna agree with you on this one… (mumbling) Why did it have to stare at me like that? Ugh…
Lupa: Bark bark! (She wanted some of that sweet, sweet caster lovin’!)
Suli: …I have no idea what your wolf just said, but I feel like I should be offended.
Nochte: (pats Lupa) She’s just a wolf; she doesn’t have thoughts like you and I.
Lupa: Bark! (I’ma cut you.)
Silhren: …Well, THAT escalated quickly.
Suli: Well, that just about wraps it up for this episode! Thanks for tuning in; I hope you had as much fun as we did! Big applause for today’s guests: Nochte, Lupa, and Silhren! Thanks for coming out!
Nochte: Am… am I on… television?
Suli: …What the hell is television?
Nochte: Oh, so now who doesn’t know what is going on?! It’s a tundra thing… you wouldn’t understand.
Lupa: Woof woof woof! (pant) (Animal Planet… That is all.)
Silhren: I’m pretty partial to The Real Housewives of Golarion, myself.
Suli: …Aaaand there go the last, smoking remnants of the fourth wall. Guess that’s it for tonight… See you all next time! Suhaila Liliya, signing off!

Group A: Eye of the Storm
New threats show themselves.

Zarishu’s captors were chased all the way to the docks, where the Stable Investment awaited her capture.

On board waited the Garundi captain, who did not expect his men to pick up more than they came to buy. He summoned a salty wooden golem that acted as the ship’s figurehead and drew a wand. The golem was tough and his spells were crafty, but Sym, who had been left behind during the chase, enlisted the help of Grom. They teleported quickly to the docks to regroup.

Grom’s explosive assistance proved valuable if a bit dangerous, due to his lack of perceptiveness. They eventually freed Zarishu and brought her back to fighting form.

They returned her to the Pathfinder Society, where Treval waited for her nervously.

Zarishu apologized for nearly taking advantage of Altaire in his drunken state. She was becoming desperate to find a husband to throw off her pursuers, and she claimed it was not fair to Altaire. Altaire asked for a formal apology, in the form of a drink with her in the future. Zarishu smiled and agreed to these terms.

The next day dawned. Hroth found himself at the archery range as per usual. Zarishu passed by with a heavy sack, dropping it near his feet. She felt that she didn’t get to thank the group properly, so she looted the Stable Investment and brought them some spoils for their trouble (after taking some for herself, of course). Hroth was speechless as usual, especially when Zarishu gave him a spirited hug.

Altaire and Lilli went on patrol in the air of Absalom, watching for scum and villainy. They were not alone in the air; Khrane and Jaistelle happened by them on the way home from a mission for the Pathfinder Society, bickering loudly about exploding harpies. They happily greeted Altaire and promised not to reveal his crime-fighting activities.

Sym strolled down the crowded streets alone before taking to the rooftops. While bounding across shops, he came across a very nervous Garren. He was taking shelter from a number of Righteous Fury knights on the ground below. Sym winked and leapt to the ground.

Sym approached the Righteous Fury captain and inquired about their motives. The captain reported that they were hunting an evil vampire-spawn in Absalom. Sym asked what he had done, and the captain could offer no answer. He gave only excuses that his lineage made him unmistakably evil, and that it would surely lead him to commit heinous acts, like feeding. Sym shook his head; these men could not be reasoned with, so he resorted to another tactic: deception.

He deflected their search to the western gate of the city, near the sleepy residential quarter of Westgate. The knights spared no time and marched to the west. Garren bounded down from the roof and thanked Sym for saving his skin.

Silhren took a stroll to the Irorium, the oldest coliseum in Absalom. On the field was a collection of actors reenacting the life and triumphs of an ancient wizard and his companions. A nearby spectator, Mateba, explained that it was the story of Old-Mage Jatembe. He was an ancient wizard and the subject of folklore for the people of the Mwangi Expanse. He hoped that one day he could become something like Jatembe, and he watched the performance with starry eyes.

Noticing that Silhren was a local, Mateba asked him to show him around. Silhren indulged his curiosity and showed him restaurants, shops and temples. At the end of the tour, Mateba asked Silhren if he could deliver something to Sym for him. He handed Silhren a sack with a tiny object inside and asked him not to open it for his own safety. Silhren agreed to do so and returned to the Rilbahn estate.

Suhaila could not find any companions to help her deliver a package of salt to the people of the Kortos Mounts, so she decided to embark alone.

By chance, she passed by Meghan in the marketplace as she purchased the salt. Meghan was out collecting supplies for the tavern. They exchanged hellos and Suhaila explained that she was going to the Kortos Mounts. Meghan decided to accompany her after dropping off her supplies at the tavern. Her husband told her he could handle it on his own while she went out “adventuring.” She was in and out quickly, already dressed for combat.

While Suhaila waited for Meghan to finish preparing, she sat alone in the tavern’s business side. This brought the attention of an unsavory and greasy Varisian man. He asked if he could buy her a drink and Suhaila politely refused; he insisted, claiming that he was important and influential in the city. Suhaila paid him little heed, so he persisted. He drew closer and closer towards her until he was nearly upon her. His head then jerked and hit the table; Meghan stood behind his unconscious body with a mug in her hand and a smirk on her face.

Suhaila insisted that they not dump his body in a back alley, and Meghan dragged him to a more humiliatingly public street.

Suhaila and Meghan hiked into the mountains with the salt. They became lost for a few hours, but found some harpies who carried them to the harpy nest near the mountain tops. They spoke with the difficult harpy tribe and managed to convince the rest that change was an option and that trade with the city could be mutually beneficial. The chieftainess was happy to hear her words, and she promised that headway with the minotaurs and centaurs would be forthcoming.

The heroes regrouped and laid to bed, save for Suhaila. Her inability to sleep gave her some free time and a moment to reach out to the little guest in their home. She promised no harm to them if they would speak to her and offered candy as a gift.

Climbing up the back of her nightgown, the guest scarfed down the sweet eatn’s. Suhaila promised that no harm would come to her from the other tenants of the estate and that she would be safe here; she also promised more candy for housework, which the guest was more than ecstatic to hear.

The next morning sun never came, as a storm began to spiral above the Kortos Mounts. The Arbiters of Absalom rushed to the northern gate, where they came across an elf named Nochte, who was being held inside by Ralpor. He claimed that creatures of darkness suddenly began pouring from the mountains, keeping anyone from investigating the source of the hurricane in the Mounts.

The Arbiters were admitted through the gate, clearly having the most experience with these foes, and the also clearly experienced Nochte was invited along.

He proved valuable to the fight, as the Arbiters managed to cut through the creatures enough to get into the Mounts. They were unexpectedly picked up by a number of harpies who had seen the source of the storm atop the highest mountain. The harpies carried the heroes to the top and stepped back out of fear of what awaited.

A man with long black hair and strange leather clothing danced at the summit. The storm danced with him, gaining speed as he performed and chanted for it. Watching him were a pair of demons and two people clad in heavy white armor the color of a full moon. The armored man in a large cloak turned to greet the heroes as they advanced. He asked the woman to his right, Tazula, to kill them where they stood before he whisked away with the winds. The woman grinned and drew her mace.

The demons and the antipaladin were upon the heroes like a hammer to the forging steel. Striking Silhren with a disturbing glee, she slammed him to the ground repeatedly, until she noticed a small ocarina on his belt. With a devilish sneer, she shattered the ocarina.

Nochte found Spencer chanting and drew his bow. His senses told him that this man was not among the living, and his goddess whispered to him that this man must die. This would be his charge from the goddess of life and death: Spencer Khalim must be destroyed and sent to judgment. Nochte succeeded in interrupting Spencer’s incantation, and the storm began to slow and dissipate. Spencer lashed out at him, nearly killing him with a single bolt of lightning.

Spencer shook his head and walked to Tazula. He assured her that there was little more that they could do here, and that their talents would be required for other doomsday projects. Before they disappeared, Tazula vowed to end the lives of the Arbiters who served the “weak goddess”.

They vanished into the air, and the sun began to shine on Absalom again.

The sun did not shine so brightly, however, for the bloodied Arbiters of Absalom.

Group B: Rising Tides
The Heroes of Logas are now the "Enemies of Elidir."

The Heroes of Logas were welcomed into the Tayner estate and brought to the guest wing to survey the collection of tomes that Aurine Tayner had amassed about creatures from beyond. The group studied them closely with the assistance of Hanes.

Meanwhile, on the road to Elidir, a small caravan carrying a number of travelers entered the city’s borders. A ranger named Revosh, his wolf companion Fieris, and the elven gun expert Content Not Found: beshkee-jathal were among the travelers. After exchanging some pleasantries with the other passengers, they were deposited in the capital city.

As they explored the new and lawful hold, they noticed a parade entering the city. Flowers were thrown on the road and praising words flooded the street as Grand Maester Pallos was joyously greeted by the people of Elidir. He handed money to the poor and the weak as he walked, and the people could only leave his side when he entered the Ebony District, the wealthier part of town.

Noticing that masked men in dark cloaks appeared to be tailing him, Revosh and Kesh elected to follow the train into the Ebony District. Kesh took special interest, as the masks they wore seemed familiar.

The Heroes of Logas poured through the dusty tomes, while taking some much needed time to breathe. The nervous Lady Tayner sat nervously in the ballroom, waiting for their answer to her fears.

While working out on the balcony, Content Not Found: lanus spotted the procession coming down the street. He returned inside to let his comrades know, but noticed that Lady Tayner seemed awfully quiet and slumped over in her chair. He examined her more closely, calling her name, but got no response.

When he opened her mouth, he was greeted with the rancid stench of rotting flesh. Her insides had been completely rotted to an unhealthy green.

Reeling from the sudden nature of her death, they almost failed to notice the Grand Maester walking into the room with a squad of Hellknights, lead by Odd Lucan. Pallos accused them immediately of killing the Lady Tayner, and the Hellknights around him offered no argument. Pallos, with a sneer, left them to be arrested by Lieutenant Lucan.

Lucan and the heroes were both caught off-guard by the entrance of two Proxie, as well as two strangers following the Proxies. The Hellknights slowly began to see that something was off here. The Proxies were beaten, and the heroes turned to Lucan hoping to explain that they had all been set up.

Before anyone could say anything, Odd Lucan fell quiet, staring at some distant object. This object landed from her hiding place on the ceiling and slashed both of her sawtooth sabers across Odd’s neck. While his blood spilled, she took off her mantis mask, revealing a half-elf woman with blood red hair who watched Lucan die with a sickening satisfaction.

As Lucan slipped away, his brother Eaon, a Captain of the Hellknight Order of the Chain, burst into the room with more Hellknights at his command. The blood-haired woman fled out of a window at the sight of him.

Enraged by the death of his brother, he ordered that everyone in the room was under arrest, and that the knights under Odd’s command would obey his orders and take them in. He turned about to chase after the fleeing woman, claiming he would be back for Dwyn later.

Not taking any chances, the heroes, and their unexpected new cohorts, escaped into the evening streets of Elidir, regrouping at the run-down temple of Milani.

Dwyn gave chase after the woman, Shaharazad, who was the one he had been looking for. She had become a member of the Red Mantis Assassins, and had been hired to kill Odd by a man named Pallos. She gladly took the job, and she looked forward to when she might be called to kill Eaon. Dwyn couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He begged her to forget about her new god, forget about their family, forget about all the pain, and come with him.

She became quiet, turned to Dwyn, pulled him close, and kissed him passionately. Then a bolt of green energy separated them, and Hanes pointed out the saber she was drawing to stick in Dwyn. She retreated, leaving Dwyn confused and more alone than before.

Hanes and Dwyn eventually caught up to the rest of the group, who had set up a small camp for the night under the roof of Milani’s broken temple. They swapped stories, food, and welcomed the traveler Revosh and the vengeance-driven Kesh into the fold. They would leave Isger for good in the morning.

To that end, Jon made arrangements with the local magic shop clerk, Kad Brelin, to help them escape under the cover of a wagon filled with hay and pig feces. Not everyone was on board for this plan.

Kad agreed and successfully smuggled them out of the city’s limits, and bid them farewell, as they tried to put as much distance between them and the Hellknights as possible.

They decided to travel to the nation of Andoran to the southeast. They swam the Conerica river, bribed the checkpoint guards, and found themselves in Andoran territory in a few days.

No sooner had they stepped on Andoran soil a storm began to pick up. What appeared to be some kind of enormous hurricane whipped rain in their faces and flash flooded the loose soil beneath their feet.

They took refuge in the Candlestone Caverns, where they found the tracks of kobolds, and the tracks of several dragged prisoners.

The Heroes of Logas investigated the small cave system beyond the mouth of the caverns they entered and discovered a kobold hideout. They had taken several live humanoid prisoners as feed for their animals, subjects of new poison concoctions, and more vile things below.

Steeling themselves for what lay below, they plunged the depths of the caverns to hopefully free subjects of torture, experimentation, or worse.

Group A: A Walk Through the Forest

With the Starstone shard tucked away deep in their pocket, the Pathfinders returned to Absalom from the tops of the Kortos Mounts. Having seemingly pushed most cult operations out of the city, they took a day to rest.

Looking for some merriment, Altaire helped himself to the taverns and inns. Inside the Tooth and Nail he found a loud, proud bard by the name of Kain sending off several competitors with their dignity shattered in front of a bar of drunken patrons. Altaire and Lilli saw an opportunity to have a bit of fun, and stood up to challenge Kain.

They dueled with their voices, with Lilli accompanying Altaire with dance. Lilli and Altaire left victorious, but gracious. Winning a performance contract with the Tooth and Nail, Altaire insisted that Kain have the deal. They requested Kain’s instrument as a prize, claiming that his sharp wit would be more than enough to make his due. Kain grumbled, but agreed to the exchange.

Suhaila received yet another letter from Casamir, this one containing resignation to her actions against the cult, and giving her a list of possible base locations across the Inner Sea Region.

Benneth claimed that Casamir sent most of his letters by carrier pigeons; Suhaila vowed to catch one and give it a response to send back.

Hroth found Silhren in the Pathfinder Grand Lodge training fields. He gruffly returned the cloak to Silhren, telling him that his charity was not required. Silhren kindly returned to cloak to him, telling him that he needn’t worry about keeping tabs and to simply accept the gift. Hroth wasn’t entirely convinced, but kept up his compliance long enough for Silhren to leave eyesight.

Sym, having not paid his respects to Nethys in some time, decided to visit the Nethys temple in Absalom. Located close by the Arcanamirium the temple was filled to the brim with scholars, libraries, and rooms for magic duels and training. Sym stayed behind to watch a match between two fledgling students, and was pleased to see a young Mwangi human succeed at besting his peer in a magical duel of skill.

The young man’s name was Mateba. He had come from the Magaambya, an ancient place of arcane learning in the city of Nantambu of the Mwangi Expanse. He claimed he was also fleeing Ruthazek, much like Sym, and in much the same way. He had stolen what appeared to be a ring with Abyssal inclination. Large enough to fit a normal humanoid’s wrist, it was a ring built for the gorilla king himself, and was likely not for an honorable purpose.

Sym offered to keep the ring in his more experienced hands, and Mateba also gave him a pouch that would conceal its evil aura from prying eyes. Mateba thanked Sym for his help, for he was worried he would be alone in the largest city in the world.

Gathering Silhren, Altaire, and Lilli, Suhaila purchased 200 pounds of raw meat as a present for the tribes of the Kortos Mounts. Mounting the load into a wooden cart, they had the cart pulled to the base of the mounts and had Lilli scout ahead with a map drawn by Suli to lead the tribes back to the heroes.

The harpies, unsurprisingly, were most insubordinate, but the centaurs and minotaurs caught on quickly. The harpy chieftainess assured the heroes that the offering would be split evenly amongst everyone.

The heroes also made sure to remind the tribes of the wonders of cooking their food, as well as seasoning them. The addition of salt turned out to be favorable amongst the tribes.

Meanwhile, Sym remained in the dueling room while the rest of the crowds cleared out. Standing in the room with him was a cloaked figure who could tell that Sym was no mere practitioner of magics. He wished to see his capability and challenged him to friendly duel; intrigued, Sym accepted the challenge.

The challenger threw spell after spell, as Sym countered and returned the barrage of magics which were countered by his opponent as well. It quickly became apparent to Sym that this duel did not keep up the magical wards that most duels received, so the damage he received was most lethal. As the spells continued to fly, the stranger’s cloak fell back, and he was revealed to be an eagle-headed rakshasa. He condemned Sym for his sullied heritage, and wondered allowed why he wasn’t more like the rakshasa people with his ruthless preferences in battle and skill with magic. The aggressor claimed he would kill Sym, and the dirty progeny of the traitor of rakshasa-kind would not carry on.

Hearing the commotion behind the locked door, Mateba tried to rush to Sym’s aid. Unlocking the door, Sym brought Mateba under fire from the rakshasa assassin, nearly killing him. Sym immolated the assassin with a tower of fire before rushing to Mateba’s aid. Mateba was healed by local temple sages, and thanked Sym profusely for his help.

Suhaila found an angry Treval arguing with a martial artists trainer in Skyreach. The man refused to train Treval, seeing that the boy’s intentions with the knowledge of the martial arts would not be put to pure use. Treval was left alone and steaming in the training room. Suhaila tried to speak; Treval threw weapons off the walls and pulled down weapon racks in rage, tears flowing and sobs held inside.

Suhaila asked what the problem was. Treval said it was family. His parents were gone, and they didn’t go peacefully. He wanted revenge, and no one would let him have it. Suhaila saw his pain, and assured him that what he was feeling was legitimate. She pleaded that he remember that his anger should be used for the right reasons, and that vengeance wasn’t a good one, and likely not one that would honor his parents’ memories.

Treval calmed down. Suhaila remembered her present, and handed him a small collection of seeds in a handmade bag displaying Erastil’s symbol.

Hroth decided to vent his frustration on the targeting range at the Grand Lodge. As the targeting board became nearly full of his arrows, he was approached by a curious Zarishu. Asking him questions about romantic interests did little to lessen his frustrations, especially when she asked if he thought Silhren found her attractive. Treval came to break up the discomfort. Him and Zarishu were requested to clarify some reports from a recent mission.

Zarishu thanked Hroth for the “talk”, and Hroth just shouted.

Altaire found yet another bar to visit, this time it was the bar owned by Meghan and her husband. The visit was eventful; a tipsy dwarf tried to hit on Lilli, Lilli discovered her taste for drink, and Altaire rediscovered the floor of the tavern, but not before propositioning every woman in the tavern simultaneously. Several of these girls had partners already, and a fight nearly broke out but was broken up by a bored Zarishu, who took a liking to the nearly unconscious gnome and hoisted him up to carry him from the tavern.

Zarishu got back to the Grand Lodge when she decided to toss the poor gnome into Suhaila’s arms. She asked for her to hold on to him while she found a good inn for the night.

Altaire’s body was rolled off of the poor girl, and Silhren and Sym both found their way to her aid as well. Hroth found himself approaching by coincidence. Just as Suhaila was explaining the situation, the heroes heard a scream come from down the block.

They rushed to the source to find Zarishu being loaded into an armored carriage into chains big enough for a giant by a number of Garundi men. They held the heroes at bay while she was loaded and carried to the docks.

The heroes did not lose them, and followed them to a ship in the docks.

Group B: Ghoul's Night Out
It seems no one is beneath the wrath of Pallos.

With the town of Saringallow deep in reform and several miles behind them, the Heroes of Logas pushed on up the Conerica towards Elidir.

On sturdy horse backs, the traveling was much quicker. Dwyn caught sight of a number of tracks left behind by a group of other riders that had taken this route recently. Content Not Found: lanus could tell by their rigid formation that they were Hellknights, six of them.

Treading lightly, the rain slowly started to pick up, and the water in the Conerica river began to rise. They reached a sleepy village called Woodthorp, a small and hidden town inside what had slowly become a swamp after several years of flooding of the Conerica. Unfortunately, a number of Hellknights remained at a post outside of the town.

The Hellknights stopped the Heroes before entering the town, asking if they had seen a half-elf called Dwyn. Dwyn’s Hat of Disguise was well in use by this point, and he denied meeting anyone of that description.

In passing, after allowing them to enter the village, one of the Hellknights reminded them to keep their undine slave, referring to Syn, on a leash.

The town they found was small and pitiable. With only six buildings and a population in double digits, Woodthorp was not impressive.

The inn was still well kept and stocked, and they were still welcomed like any other traveler. Speaking to the barmaid, Dwyn was able to learn that a certain red-headed half-elf had passed through town, and seemed to be following the Hellknights.

The town was also plagued by a pair of problems, and neither could come at a worse time. One problem was obvious: a Hellknight occupation. The Hellknights planned to take the old closed distillery on top of the hillock as a Hellknight base of operations near the center of Isger. Second: people had been disappearing for the past week. A guard, a woman and her child, and several laborers. And if that weren’t bad enough, the son of the previous proprietor of the distillery, Becher, had gone into the swamps to find the deed to the distillery in order to show the Hellknights that they couldn’t legally take the building. Becher and a few townsfolk had gone in search of the barrel-aging caves where wine had been kept for aging while the distillery was a winery and vineyards grew about the town.

Learning of Becher from a survivor of the expedition, it was clear that his wounds were inflicted by Ghouls, undead creatures with a degree of intelligence.

Gathering themselves for a muddy trek, the Heroes of Logas pulled themselves through the flooded swamp, past dangerous flora, and into the barrel-aging caves, where several ghouls already waited for them.

Dispatching the ghouls, they found that the deed ad already been taken by Becher, and they followed a secret tunnel to a small stone house outside of Woodthorp. Becher was inside, clutching a heavy strongbox with the deed inside, and several Ghoul-wounds.

He received attention quickly, and they brought him back to the village through a back door to the distillery. They wound up inside the closed and dusty building, soon enough to hear a heavy knocking at the door. The Hellknight Lieutenant Ralkas demanded that they evacuate the building for the Hellknights to begin repurposing and filing reports.

Becher told them that he had the legal documentation claiming his family’s ownership, and the Heroes made sure to give it to him.

Little did the heroes know that the deed they had was a fake, with a special enchantment that would force the first person to look at the deed to take it for himself. Ralkas did just that, and ordered the arrest of those who would obstruct him.

The Lieutenant was knocked unconcious, and the junior Hellknights agreed to a truce for now.
Before anyone could get any further in negotiations, Ghouls began to pour from the forests surrounding Woodthorp, and fell upon the tiny town with claws and fangs. They were held off and destroyed by the Heroes and the junior Hellknights together.

After finding the real deed under the false bottom of the strongbox, they had no reason to stay. Ralkas was revived and had the situation explained to him, and the Hellknights went on their way from Woodthorp.

Becher thanked the Heroes for everything they had done, and asked them to wait as he went to collect a reward for them. As he ran to the other end of the distillery, a figure was spotted in the catwalk above the still room: Pallos.

Smiling and scheming and always, Pallos confessed that the Ghul infestation was his doing, and that his pet “Gonzo” was feeling a bit famished.

A muscular and gargantuan troll, with an unsettling pale complexion and long wagging tongue burst into the distillery and eyed the helpless Becher. Pallos laughed as he disappeared from the catwalk and the town in an instant.

The troll was distracted from Becher, and the Heroes managed to fell the beast, preventing the spawning of more of these monsters.

Returning to the town itself, the guards, whom Lanus had made sure were better equipped, had successfully held off their own incursion of Ghouls and kept all innocents inside the inn. The heroes were thanked by the mayor of Woodthorp and given a book with strange magical properties. Apparently a kind wizard had given it to them long ago, a kind wizard named Pallos.

Woodthorp was left behind, and after a day of travel the capital of Elidir was finally reached.

The town was well-guarded and well-cataloged by a precise and strict set of laws and highly trained forces. The Hat of Disguise made sure that Dwyn wasn’t recognized, and the heroes decided to investigate a few things.

Dwyn asked around about the blood-red-haired half-elf girl, but no one could say for sure if they had seen her.

Syn, seeing the party’s lack of ability to adequately research this cult they had been pursuing, and lacking any arcane talent whatsoever, he sought out a noblewoman by the name of Aurine Tayner who had a talented wizard named Hanes Oldwar in her employ.

Lady Tayner was a paranoid mess, asking Hanes to examine every scrap of food she ate for curses, claiming that men in white masks were searching for her. Dwyn disguised himself as a wizard and played the part in order to keep Lady Tayner sane and have Hanes step away.

Hanes sat down with Syn, who asked him to identify the book that was given to them. He identified it as a powerful magical artifact, and asked where they had found it. Syn replied that they had found it in Woodthorp, and that some old bastard gave it to the town. Syn also inquired Hanes if he knew anything about the Cult of the Open Armed. Hanes claimed that his employer believes that she had found several books that they wanted to get away from her, but he hadn’t looked through them too extensively, claiming that there was nothing to worry about.

Syn assured him that there was plenty to worry about.

The Heroes decided to stop at the Lady’s estate and have a look at these books themselves.

Group A: Battle on the Big Bridge
A storm is gathering...

As the city of Absalom becomes somewhat quiet (quiet for the largest city in the world that is) the heroes have time to breathe.

Altaire, Lili, and
Sym saw an opportunity to make a profit from the now-empty apothecary, and made the decision to talk to the people at Absalom’s City Planning Bureau. Altaire kindly asked the young lady gnome behind the desk to help them move the paperwork along quickly, so she promised them that if they helped her with the large load of paperwork she was behind on that she could get them ownership of the shop in a week. Altaire and Roko sat down to help her finish her backlog, while Sym took a cat nap in the back.

While Altaire worked, he implored Lilli to find a way to occupy herself on her own. Happy to avoid the monotony of bureaucracy, she took him up on the offer. She leaped across the building tops of Absalom, watching the thousands of people going about their thousands of errands. Through the hustle and bustle of the city, she noticed a familiar carriage, belonging to a familiar noblewoman. Her curiosity and mischief piqued, she decided to “drop in” on her.

The noblewoman was appalled and insulted. She demanded with every breath in her lungs that “this monster” be removed from her carriage and the streets of the city. Before she could call the guards, her husband put a gentle hand on her shoulder.

He assured her that this young lady was more than deserving of some respect for saving his life yesterday. He kindly asked Lilli to dismount from the carriage, and she complied.

Utterly offended, his wife scrambled into the carriage, but the gentleman of a husband thanked her properly for saving his life. He handed her a small pouch of platinum pieces and a letter of summons that could be used to request a favor from his Taldan house of Graetorias. Tilting her head at the gift, it eventually dawned on her that she had received a present. It was just for her. In her glee she ran back to Altaire to show him her first acknowledgment from another person.

Suhaila and Silhren left their new home in the Petal District for the Grand Lodge, where Pathfinders were served cheap meals more breakfast. Spotting Hroth on his own, he was dragged to breakfast by an enthusiastic Suhaila. Sitting down with sweets for Suhaila, breads and cheese for Silhren, and simple soup for Hroth, Suhaila also noticed Treval sitting by himself, and offered him a seat with them. Treval shrugged and joined them.

They spoke of religion, on the beauties of Shelyn and the simplicity of Erastil. Family was a harsher subject, with Hroth and Treval keeping quiet about their tragic tales of familial loss.

As they departed, Silhren pointed out to Hroth that he has a package at his door. Grinning widely he left the half-orc to return to his room and find a gift: a cloak of resistance. Hroth couldn’t find any utility Silhren’s generosity, but elected not to shot-put the gift over the walls of the Grand Lodge.

As they walked and Suhaila talked, Treval handed her a box. The box contained a homemade sweet roll that Treval had made himself. Blushing, Treval quickly made himself scarce, leaving Suhaila with a warm smile.

Kot approached Suhaila as Treval exited, and told her that he started to remember that the person who had wronged him was a woman, and he could remember the prayer to Ragathiel that he had rehearsed a thousand times before he had his memory stolen. Suhaila congratulated his progress, and promised that his memory would be found soon.

Sym and Altaire finished the paperwork as Lilli returned with the gifts from the Graetorias family. They quickly sought out Suhaila to consecrate the building, as it had been desecrated by the presence of the Night’s Breath toxins. Meanwhile, Silhren managed to unpack all of the newly delivered furniture into his family’s old estate by himself.

When it seemed like the day would be coming to a close, Ralpor arrived at the heroes’ newly furnished residence with grim news. He pointed to the Kortos Mounts, just north of Absalom, and to a collection of black clouds that were rising into the sky from the Mounts. They were took thick to be smoke, and too unsettling to be natural. He wished that he could send others, but knew that these heroes had the most experience with the cult, who he expected to be the culprits.

The heroes rushed into the Mounts, climbing steep rock and navigating the wild mountains with no path but the columns of smoke. As they climbed, they came across a collection of monstrous humanoids. The tribes of native minotaurs, centaurs, and harpies had gathered around a large bonfire. They seemed to be discussing plans of action to retrieve their respective chiefs from the hands of a dwarf man with masked sorcerers at his side.

The heroes peacefully reached out to the three tribes, claiming that they had a common enemy, and would offer help in exchange for guidance through the mountains to the cultists. The centaurs proved to be most reasonable allies, while the harpies questioned why they shouldn’t just eat the outsiders. The minotaurs complied when the harpies were persuaded.

Several of their fellow tribesmen and women had already been transformed into nightshades by the cultists, but most of the forces were converted back to their original states by Suhaila. Following the tribes’ lead, they guided the heroes to a gaping maw in the mountains that the tribes referred to as the Devil’s Throat. It was a place of sacrifice, where all three of the tribes would bring the frail and weak to be thrown from a bridge that was built across the monstrous canyon.

There, on the bridge, they found the dwarven cultist Kolar, who the heroes had missed when he escaped from the cult base under the Absalom streets. He was boiling large amounts of Night’s Breath, and the toxins were becoming airborne, and blocking most of the light from the sky. Two Proxies stood to bar the path, but the tribes struck first, the centaurs urging the heroes to free the tribesmen while they handled the spellcasters.

On the bridge, Kolar awaited them, with the chiefs of the three tribes at his beck and call, with the dark infestation of the Night’s Breath coating their bodies like a cloak of dark fogs and silks. Kolar seemed strangely cocky in the faces of the capable Pathfinders, as he showed them a peculiar green marble-like gem.

He asked them: what would happen if anyone in the world had the potential to become like gods? What if every tyrant, murderer, and thief on Golarion could be handed limitless power? Likewise, what if every crusader, benevolent ruler, and adventurer could have the same power to oppose them? Kolar promised the heroes that nothing short of bedlam would follow what these little rocks could grant.

He squeezed the gem, and strange magics swirled about his short frame. The gem made his actions quicker than possible, as he tossed explosives and drank powerful extracts with lightning speed. The chiefs also ran to his aid, slamming the heroes with their weapons and rivers of negative energy.

With a combination of skill, luck, and clever tactics, the heroes poured the toxin from the cauldrons into the Devil’s Throat, and the three chiefs were brought back to their senses. Kolar managed to escape with his life, but not with everything he brought…

The tribes were reunited with their chiefs. They had been reduced in numbers, and the minotaur chief could not bear the loss of his children. Suhaila offered another option: peace with the tribes, and the people of the Isle of Kortos. The tribes were hesitant, but as they looked around at the diminished numbers of their members, they saw few better options for survival. Naturally a slaughter of the competitor was proposed, but quickly overruled. The tribes requested time to thin and plan, as this would be a new age for them.

The marble that Kolar dropped was recovered by the heroes, and as their skin touched it, light blasted forth and engulfed them. Everything went bright before it darkened to a canvas of stars. They could see a massive green orb floating in the darkness, and slowly being pulled to a point in the Material Plane. The perfectly spherical, alien object passed stars, dead and living planets, and clouds of thick gas to eventually reach Golarion, where it crashed down into the surface and ripped apart the land, creating the Inner Sea. As it slammed against the surface of the world, pieces were torn off by the force, and the green stone produced smaller green stones of perfect spheres that flew across the land and the sea of the wounded world. And now they waited to be found.

As the vision ended, the heroes caught a glimpse of the pantheon they observed the earth and people of the planet below. Shelyn, Nethys, Erastil, and all the rest caught a glimpse of them too, as they returned to consciousness.

They had been changed, and now understood what kind of danger the world was in.

Group B: High Society in Low Places
An angry town finds a surprise under their feet.

The Heroes of Logas had finally reached Wolfpoint, and decided to take a load off. Taking several handsome soldiers to bed and many drinks to their gullets, the evening went well.

Until a condescending voice asked them if they’d have another.

Pallos stood behind the bar, a bloody corpse of one of the two tengu brothel owners to his right. He gave them a sneer and demanded that they return the recipe for the Night’s Breath that they stole from his base.

Despite several tricky efforts, Pallos proved to be too clever and demanded the recipe in exchange for the lives of everyone in the bar. Holding spell over his head, he held out his hand.

The recipe was given and Pallos dropped his spell. He delivered another quick tirade about what he planned to do with the Kingdom of Darkness when the cult would finally achieve their goal.

When the chaotic kingdom is established, Pallos intended to pick up the pieces; specifically the corpses, and use them for his own domain as soldiers and subjects.

With a wink, he was gone.

The Heroes of Logas left the next morning, and Saya departed for Absalom and the Pathfinder Grand Lodge to speak about the cult’s intentions and movements to her comrades.

The Heroes followed the road to Elidir, the capital of Isger, hoping that the more cosmopolitan setting might hold more clues.

On the way the heroes came across the town of Saringallow, a town established on blood and distrust.

The town was in a state of near civil war. A large number of thefts had been committed as of late, and tensions were beginning to rise because of them. The nobles of the town claimed that the smelly commoners were thieving their valuables, but the villagers pointed to several instances of thievery committed in their homes as well. The nobles wrote it off as a cover up by the culprit to throw them of the trail.

Splitting up to do damage control, Avacyntan took to the city hall in time for a meeting between the “factions” of the town. The town’s mayor, Fegerend Gof, and the council woman of the nobles, Claire Thalmus, had great difficulty seeing eye to eye. Syn’s silver tongue managed to help avoid a brawl in the town hall, but the tensions could only be delayed.

Dwyn interviewed a number of people who had witnessed the the thieving, and was able to glean that they only attacked n the night time and took only food and a few things of slight value.

Content Not Found: lanus spoke with the local guards to step up the security and find some kind of middle ground for the guards, who were also split between the townspeople and the Chelish nobles’ private guard force.

Jon elected to the take the investigation a little farther, and took to the sewers to track the culprits for the thefts. With a little luck, he came across one of the thieves watching him from a distance. Following their trail, he came across an underground structure that resembled the cult base that they had visited the day previous.

Giving his pet crow a message, he sent the bird to deliver news of his findings to the rest of the group.

Crow delivered the message, and the Heroes of Logas rallied to Jon’s position. The base was occupied, but not by the cult.

A large colony of friendly Dark Folk had taken residence in an abandoned cult base.

The heroes were welcomed with both smiling faces and cautious stares, but the leader of the community, Svanik, was more than happy to explain himself and this people. They had fled former homes with other, more violent and callous dark folk to lead a more peaceful existence. They had found this base by accident as they dug up, and they sealed the entrance to the Darklands behind them. They had much less food this close to the surface, so they had to resort to less-than-honorable means to secure food. Painfully aware that the surface people would likely not respond well to a dark stalker visiting them at night to discuss trade, they decided this was the safest course of action.

He also wondered aloud if the town of Saringallow would want stones that the dark folk could grow. Syn examined a piece of these stones, and discovered that they were metamagic stones, powerful magical artifacts. Syn assured that the people above could benefit from them greatly.

Lanus rushed back to ask the soldiers he had rallied against the thieves to hold their wrath for a moment so negotiations could commence. While the town guard was compliant, the nobleman guard was less accommodating, determined to destroy the creatures who preyed on his charge. Lanus managed to convince him to speak before raising his spear.

While Svanik seemed excited to negotiate some kind of settlement, his right hand Porvin was not as trusting of the surface-dwellers. He seemed to be more content hiding in the base, continuing to steal. Svanik had made his decision, and was escorted to the town hall to discuss an arrangement.

While Svanik was taken to town hall with Syn, Lanus, and Dwyn to speak to the nobles and mayor’s council, Jon stayed behind to watch the dark folk. Jon was accosted by several dark folk who saw things Porvin’s way, and Porvin escaped with several of his own to murder Svanik before he made the mistake of trusting the surface-dwellers.

The negotiations were long but ended well. Svanik was allowed to establish a bit of trade while under watch.

While the negotiations came to near a conclusion, the Heroes of Logas tried their best to quietly hold off the dark folk attackers. Porvin managed to get into the hall and make and attempt on Svanik’s life, while Dwyn and Syn passed it of as a kind of cultural thing that dark folk do as part of diplomacy.

Svanik managed to pacify Porvin harmlessly, urging the Heroes to not kill him or any more men. Haning his head in shame, Svanik saw that perhaps his people couldn’t live in harmony with the surface. He apologized to the noblemen and common council and saw himself out.

Surprisingly, Claire stopped him, and Fegerend urged him to stay.

Things worked out well, and the town of Saringallow would certainly benefit from the new trade of metamagic stones. The Heroes of Logas kindly departed from th thankful town, continuing their journey to the capital.

Group B: Two Ghosts, a Ghoul, and a Mutton Place
The road to Wolfpoint was long.

A new day dawned after the Battle of Logas. The townspeople gathered their bearings and resources from the surprisingly successful battle, won in no small part by the efforts a few extraordinary people.

The group of heroes met again in town, concluding that this cult was bad news. Seeing that they all needed to head north, they decided traveling together would be mutually beneficial. They agreed to meet at the town gates at noon to depart.

Dwyn, began his search for his sister in Logas, asking about town if they had seen a half-elf girl with blood-red hair. His search pointed him to the north, along the Conerica Straits.

While searching, the sounds of heavy metal boots rattled down the street. Instinctively leaping to the shadows, he stood still to listen. The men in armor were Hellknights in training, with the unmistakable tattoo of the Order of the Chain on their necks, depicting a hand wrapped in chains.

Not far away, Content Not Found: lanus watched them enter a familiar smithy, and speak to the young apprentice. They asked if they had seen this half-elf, citing a sketch of a half-elf man wh strikingly resembled Dwyn. The boy, gullible as he was, was fooled by Dwyn into thinking he was a dwarf, and asked him why they were looking for a dwarf.

Angered, the Hellknight, known to Dwyn as Odd Lucan, lifted the boy from his feet and demanded that he tell him where “Connor” was.

Dwyn and Lanus quickly sprung to action, drawing the Hellknights attention from the boy. Dwyn attempted to deny his identity, but the old family member saw through him, and combat ensued.

The Hellknights proved to be too experienced and well-armored for the group, even when Avacyntan, Jon, and Content Not Found: gale rushed to their aid. Jon was slain in the battle by Odd, but no sooner had his body hit the ground that a cleric of Sarenrae brought him back from his early grave. Right behind her was a very upset half-orc, fire sweeping across his greatsword and rage in his eyes, throwing himself at the Hellknights.

The two strangers gave the heroes enough time to escape intact. They regrouped at the gate to the north and fled for Wolfpoint.

Traveling along the Conerica River, they noticed a sign for the Sinking Flagon Inn, a reputable inn on the Conerica Straits. The heroes stopped by to get good food, and Lanus bedded a local waitress.

Dwyn asked around the inn, and the bartender reported that a girl matching Dwyn’s description headed further down the road.

Upon exiting the bedroom, Lanus and the waitress were disturbed by strange sounds. The echoes of a child danced in the hallway. A trail of old children’s toys seemed to be luring Lanus to the arms of an attic whisperer. He cautiously approached, drawing his weapon, determined to destroy it for Pharasma, but he was hesitant because of its childlike appearance.

Dwyn and Syn came to his aid, followed by Gale and Jon. The creature was put down, and the bartender was promptly questioned.

The Sinking Flagon Inn had been an orphanage before it burned down years ago. The owner of the Inn bought the land and refurbished it. They had no idea that there were any casualties in the fire, much less that they were restless.

The group moved on, continuing the trek to Wolfpoint.

As they passed a small forest, Dwyn noticed that his pocket seemed a bit light. He caught movement out of the corner of his eye, and noticed a small fox with their medallion in its mouth.

She was quick, and they nearly lost her as she bounded through the trees, past dusty ruins, and to the doors of a decrepit temple.

She giggled as the heroes caught their breath, pointing out that this was a cult base she had led them to. She introduced herself as Saya. Confident that the “heroes of Logas” could handle a few more cultists, she drew them in to help her ransack the base.

Eyebrows raised, the group begrudgingly followed her in.

The base was cold and stone, with dust filling the air. They almost immediately noticed someone walking the halls, and pursued him to find a large locked door with five keyholes.

Saya asked Gale to help her with a task while the rest of them tried to open the door.

The first key was found inside an undead ooze that could spawn skeletons. Jon boldly leaped inside the ooze to fish the key out, but found himself unable to maneuver out of the ooze’s grip. Fortunately, the undine Syn effortlessly destroyed the skeletons with holy power and swam through the ooze with ease.

The second key was around the neck of a ghost in a secret laboratory hidden behind the walls of the temple. The ghost was frantically trying to prepare some kind of alchemical concoction, with no success. Syn approached the ghost gently, and conversed with the troubled specter. The ghost, an elven male, couldn’t remember his name, where he was, or even what a god was. He only remembered the name of his love: Pallos. Pallos had commanded him to create large quantities of a poison called Night’s Breath, the recipe card of which Jon had already found.

The ghost seemed fixed on the word “friend”, repeating it like a mantra. Feeling it was appropriate, Syn decided to call this ghost Friend; Friend seemed excited to have companions in the living world once more.

Friend relinquished the key, only asking that the heroes stop Pallos, because he was no longer the man he fell in love with. With those words, he left this plane for the Boneyard, seemingly at peace.

The third key was found in the waiting mouth of a mummified corpse that also bore a trap that paralyzed some of the heroes. Several zombies rose from the ground to slay some of the paralyzed heroes.

The fourth key was found at the end of a grim hallway filled with hanging undead, whom Lanus sent to their final rest with a vial of holy water. A large chasm with a small foothold separated them from a statue with the key placed in an indent.

The final key was found on the possession of an underling in the cult base. Luckily, he dropped the key outside the door.

The door unlocked, and the heroes piled in to find a ghoul cleric handing a black vial to a man in white robes: Pallos.

Grumbling that some fox girl had stolen the larger supply of poison, he turned to greet the party. Amused by their tenacity, he smiled.

Pallos was callous to the fate of Friend, claiming he had done what was asked and would have been sent to the Great Beyond either way.

Pallos waved his hand at his underling, Tholrist, ordering him to destroy the interlopers he let in. Tholrist let loose waves of negative energy as the party dueled with his ghoul entourage.

The battle was hard-won, but Tholrist fell in the end.

The temple now empty of life/unlife, the heroes returned to the surface to find Saya toting an enormous bag of black vials. Gale had departed to find his missing coven. Saya thanked them for their help, and walked with them to Wolfpoint.

Finally reaching Wolfpoint, the heroes took their evening to the local brothel for food and song and drink, as well as a few bedfellows.

Group A: The First Legs of Many Journies
Everyone here has a story to tell.

After a night of well-deserved rest, the heroes had a moment to catch their breath from chasing cultists.

But not all was quiet.

Sym returned to his room after spending some hard-earned gold to find an ornate sword on his bed. Perturbed, his investigations revealed that this gold and silver, jewel-encrusted sword was, in fact, a Raktavarnan named Roko.


Roko repeatedly referred to Sym as his “master” claiming he would serve him “to the day he dies.” Incredulous but not turning down the offer, Sym took Roko to Grom to examine.

Grom seemed to know a thing or two about the Rakshasa and their cycles of reincarnation. Roko seemed to have been dumped onto the bottom rung of the reincarnation wheel, much to his chagrin. Grom suggested that as long as he is around, he may be of use for his ability to translate any language and perform recon. Sym needed only to say the word, and Roko would leave his service.

Altaire and Lilli went out for a romp around the town. After failing to climb a passing carriage to reach the rooftops, they fled from a grumpy noblewoman. Upon escaping her, Lilli smelled smoke.

Looking around, Altaire noticed a plume of smoke from a block to the south and they hurried in that direction. An inn was burning to the ground, and the presence of a screaming mother outside the inn was enough to hint that not everyone was out of the fire. Lilli hurried inside the crumbling building and managed to save an elven couple, two human boys, a trapped baby, and an elderly human just before the building’s collapse.

The elderly gentleman had breathed too much smoke in and was losing his breath. None of the guards who came to the scene could perform any kind of first aid, so Lilli stepped in and helped the old man breathe.

Receiving a salute from the city guard who arrived, Altaire and Lilli left as heroes.

Silhren came across Garren, who seemed to be watching Treval Bast with interest. Treval had challenged a fellow Pathfinder to a friendly duel, and a crowd had gathered at the training grounds to watch.

Garren made sure to properly thank Silhren for his help two nights previous, when he was cornered by dangerously pious men. He did not expect any salvation, and he wanted Silh and his companions to know that he was grateful.

In the infirmary, Suhaila was finishing her treatment in the capable hands of Jaistelle Alnair, a Pathfinder cleric of Sarenrae.

After enduring Jaistelle’s complaints about her companions’ lack of regard for their own health, Suhaila found Kot sitting alone on one of the beds; he was examining a mithral helmet with a flame sigil on the forehead; he claimed he knew about it, but not enough to be sure. Suhaila recognized the flame sigil as a common symbol of Ragathiel, an Empyreal Lord of Heaven. Kot started to remember a little more.

The brooding Hroth, with his luck, stumbled into Jaistelle and Khrane Bokor in the middle of an argument as they departed to take on the cultist that the heroes had reported on the night previous. Jaistelle berated Khrane about being on a couch thrown at a simulacrum, while Khrane promised her a banquet several times over. Hroth could barely get a word in.

Leaving the bickering couple, Hroth found Silhren with his ocarina in the courtyard. Puzzled by his carefree attitude, Hroth questioned how he didn’t seem to have any cares. Silhren was puzzled, but assured him that he felt there was no reason to worry. Hroth found it more confusing that Silhren could give to others to freely, but Silhren responded that he didn’t need to worry about that, either. Hroth walked away in a huff with Silhren trailing close behind him, trying to understand his reasoning.

Suhaila received an unexpected boon from Benneth in the form of a letter from Casamir Ayperi, her missing brother. The letter begged her not to join him in the chasing of the cult, but Casamir knew that this wouldn’t stop her. The letter included a special medallion, one that the letter claimed could open more than one base of the cult. He apologized for not sending her a letter sooner, and explained that it was too dangerous for him to contact her or their family, and he urged her to avoid speaking to them as well. Suhaila was elated to hear that her brother lived, and thanked Benneth. She left with a spring in her step.

While wandering about Skyreach, Hroth came across an unsettling development; he discovered a wanted poster for his arrest. A bounty had been placed on his head by his home town of Omash, and listed several kidnappings as his doing.

Hroth quickly removed the poster and took it with him, but not before noticing another poster. This bounty was almost large enough to make the Prophets of Kalistrade blush, and called for an enormous list of murders, kidnappings, attempts on the lives of royalty, moving of illegal goods, and other crimes of varying seriousness.

This face was also familiar; it was the face of the cultist who had been taken back to the Pathfinder Society in the Grand Lodge into custody for protection and questioning.

His true name was Spencer Khalim.

Sym accompanied Hroth into the dungeon of the Lodge to find the aftermath of a bloody escape. The guards had been slain by strangling, lightning, and negative energy. The blood pooling on the ground was being captured by a crude drawing of a toothy grin etched in the floor, likely to mock anyone who found the scene too late. Hroth and Sym tracked his footsteps to the stone wall around the lodge, where the trail had stopped with a teleport. He was long gone.

Within Skyreach, near the mess halls, Altaire and Lilli wandered to get some food. They were interrupted by a beautiful song coming from an unlit armory. Quietly approaching, they found Zarishu Sala, singing to herself. Lilli sneaked closer to hear more but was found. Startled that she had an audience, Zarishu stopped singing and tried to change the subject.

Altaire insisted that the song was lovely and inquired about its origin, while Lilli listened for more. Zarishu was hesitant, but explained that the song was one her mother sang during her life as a slave. She sang the song after she had given up, but Zarishu was determined to the change the solemn song into a plead to fight. She would not become like her mother.

Altaire agreed to keep this secret between them.

Finding himself at the Vial Secrets apothecary, Sym could not find the proprietor. The Old Lady was not at the desk, and the shop had a uneasy silence.

That silence was broken by voices from the back room; the Old Lady was in the shop. Sym heard half of the conversation. Th Old Lady reported to someone about improving some concoction with the wishrooms that she had asked the heroes to obtain from the Cairnlands. She seemed annoyed, as if this person was pushing a deadline on her.

Sym sent in Roko to get a closer look. She spoke to this mystery man through a divining mirror. Roko also found that she had the recipe for the infamous “”/campaign/kingdom-of-darkness/wikis/nights-breath" class=“wiki-page-link”>Night’s Breath" poison that the heroes knew all too well. In fact, she planned to use the wishrooms to improve the Night’s Breath. Roko swiped the recipe and returned to Sym.

Feeling greedy, Sym snooped about the shop and discovered a cabinet with a collection of powerful Alter Self potions that could last an entire day.

The alarm spell on the cabinet alerted the Old Lady, who came rushing to storefront. Thinking quickly, Sym donned his cloak and it changed into a regal outfit. The Old Lady only caught the backside of a rich man exiting the store. By the time she rant to the street, Sym had changed back, and pointed to the west. He smiled as she gave chase to his ruse and headed east with his report.

Now aware that the Old Lady of Vial Secrets was in allegiance with the Cult of the Open Armed, the heroes warned the First Guard of her presence, and they sent a squad with the heroes to apprehend her.

They were met with a trap. Knowing that others might come for her, the Old Lady prepared a trap, with the current brew of Night’s Breath she had. She propped it against the doorway and it fell onto the first people into her back room: the First Guards. Three of them became Nightshades instantly, while the last resisted the poison. The heroes and the First Guard were expecting Nightshades, but they did not expect the Old Lady to throw back her hood and have hissing snakes for hair.

The battle was treacherous, but everyone managed to leave alive, and the Old Lady was killed. The First Guard thanked the heroes for their assistance and returned to Skyreach with their report.

Upon returning, Silhren, Suhaila, Altaire, Lilli, and Sym found that Treval’s duels had continued. He had challenged five fellow Pathfinders of his caliber and had bested them all. Garren was even more intrigued by the boy, and after Treval’s last and decisive victory, and some healing from the Shelynite heroes, he offered himself as an opponent.

Garren made Treval a deal: if he could land a single blow on Garren, he would consider him the victor and leave him be; however, if Garren could knock Treval out, he would come with him. Treval tentatively took the bet (while Altaire set up bets behind the duel).

The duel was over in seconds. Garren succeeded in disarming both Treval’s longsword and cestus in one fluid motion. Even without weapons, Treval still could fight with his fists, but he was parried and knocked unconscious in a single blow.

Disgraced, Treval hurried to his room without a word after being brought to his feet.

Group B: Logas' Salvation
If not for brave heroes, a great city would not be standing.

In the bustling city of Logas, former capital of Isger, a great but not unexpected tragedy was avoided.

Travelers from various roads stopped in Logas for the day; Dwyn, the deceptive rogue; Content Not Found: gale_, the cursed aasimar; Jon, the purveyor of hope; _Content Not Found: cohortis-lanus, the divine hand of Pharasma; and Avacyntan, the preserver of life and liberty, convened on Logas by chance. Dwyn wasted no time in striking deals with the locals, displaying rocks he picked up outside and selling them as rare and valuable jewels. Gale helped the local hunters by mending the broken bow of a young huntress. Lanus and Dwyn aided a young apprentice to the local blacksmith in carrying his tools to the shop, and they were promised the first of his weapons out of gratitude.

Good deeds in Logas abounded as the generous men helped a local inn obtain an expensive altar to Asmodeus by the order of passing Hellknights. In return, they were given a clever and useful artifact that the inn keeper claimed would bring them good luck.

Entering the city, Syn and Jon happened to spot a young man limping to town off the beaten roads. They helped him to his feet and brought him to the local guard. The young man, Casamir, brought grim news: goblinoids intended to march to Logas in a few days.

Leaving the captain to contemplate this new threat, Jon and Syn looked around to find capable sword-arms to aid in the inevitable fight, but they found a small fight of their own as the inn where Dwyn, Lanus and Gale were staying was infested with giant rats and a lizard that fired lightning from its tail.

They noticed that these creatures were probably driven from their homes in the woods. Jon and Syn relayed the bad news as a recruiter began to shout outside, looking for able bodies to prepare for the goblins’ assault.

For the next eight days, the heroes lent their arms to aid the town in its defense; They built barricades, set traps, scouted the area, and recruited healers and knights from the surrounding lands to defend the city from the approaching enemies.

The day finally came, and the massive hordes fell upon the town. The Chitterwood nearly lit into flame with the number of torches and fire-happy goblins that began to march out in waves, followed by cunning and brutal hobgoblins and bugbears.

The armies stood opposite each other, tempting the other to strike the first blow.

An old man from Logas’ side loses his grip on his bow; a goblin falls to the dirt, and the goblinoids charge with all their might.

The two forces smash into each other, but the efforts of the town paid off, so the hordes were less than what Casamir predicted. The traps and barricades kept the forces thin, and the heroes made their mark on the field.

Cutting their way into the thick of the fight, the heroes came across a man in a black cloak with an enormous white mask. Surrounding him were several goblinoids that had been changed into nightshades by mysterious force, but they left the heroes little time to contemplate such things.

The man in the mask extended an offer; he described a “Kingdom of Darkness” to the heroes, a place where might made right and the strong made their way in the world. He claimed that people who fought for gods and for survival would find a new god, and much success could be found in this new kingdom.

For the heroes, there was little to consider; they gave a quick and decidedly negative answer, and the man shook his head in bemused disappointment.

The nightshade-infused goblins and bugbears started to blast the heroes with negative energies while the evil wizard slammed them with painful spells. The fight was harrowing, but the party managed to scrape out alive.

With the leader of the army vanquished, the goblins retreated back into the Chitterwood. Tired and bleeding, the heroes dragged themself back to a city filled with merriment, and they were rewarded for their efforts.

The only clue as to where to go next came from Casamir, who recalled that Gale’s missing coven had been speaking about the cult that the masked man belonged to and were headed in the direction of Wolfpoint.

Casamir warned the heroes of their future; having slain a “Proxy” of the cult, they would become targets of the cult’s members and, if they became troublesome like Casamir, the god of the cult himself.

The future is uncertain, but when has Golarion ever been certain of anything?


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