Pathfinder: The Kingdom of Darkness

Group A: The First Legs of Many Journies
Everyone here has a story to tell.

After a night of well-deserved rest, the heroes had a moment to catch their breath from chasing cultists.

But not all was quiet.

Sym returned to his room after spending some hard-earned gold to find an ornate sword on his bed. Perturbed, his investigations revealed that this gold and silver, jewel-encrusted sword was, in fact, a Raktavarnan named Roko.


Roko repeatedly referred to Sym as his “master” claiming he would serve him “to the day he dies.” Incredulous but not turning down the offer, Sym took Roko to Grom to examine.

Grom seemed to know a thing or two about the Rakshasa and their cycles of reincarnation. Roko seemed to have been dumped onto the bottom rung of the reincarnation wheel, much to his chagrin. Grom suggested that as long as he is around, he may be of use for his ability to translate any language and perform recon. Sym needed only to say the word, and Roko would leave his service.

Altaire and Lilli went out for a romp around the town. After failing to climb a passing carriage to reach the rooftops, they fled from a grumpy noblewoman. Upon escaping her, Lilli smelled smoke.

Looking around, Altaire noticed a plume of smoke from a block to the south and they hurried in that direction. An inn was burning to the ground, and the presence of a screaming mother outside the inn was enough to hint that not everyone was out of the fire. Lilli hurried inside the crumbling building and managed to save an elven couple, two human boys, a trapped baby, and an elderly human just before the building’s collapse.

The elderly gentleman had breathed too much smoke in and was losing his breath. None of the guards who came to the scene could perform any kind of first aid, so Lilli stepped in and helped the old man breathe.

Receiving a salute from the city guard who arrived, Altaire and Lilli left as heroes.

Silhren came across Garren, who seemed to be watching Treval Bast with interest. Treval had challenged a fellow Pathfinder to a friendly duel, and a crowd had gathered at the training grounds to watch.

Garren made sure to properly thank Silhren for his help two nights previous, when he was cornered by dangerously pious men. He did not expect any salvation, and he wanted Silh and his companions to know that he was grateful.

In the infirmary, Suhaila was finishing her treatment in the capable hands of Jaistelle Alnair, a Pathfinder cleric of Sarenrae.

After enduring Jaistelle’s complaints about her companions’ lack of regard for their own health, Suhaila found Kot sitting alone on one of the beds; he was examining a mithral helmet with a flame sigil on the forehead; he claimed he knew about it, but not enough to be sure. Suhaila recognized the flame sigil as a common symbol of Ragathiel, an Empyreal Lord of Heaven. Kot started to remember a little more.

The brooding Hroth, with his luck, stumbled into Jaistelle and Khrane Bokor in the middle of an argument as they departed to take on the cultist that the heroes had reported on the night previous. Jaistelle berated Khrane about being on a couch thrown at a simulacrum, while Khrane promised her a banquet several times over. Hroth could barely get a word in.

Leaving the bickering couple, Hroth found Silhren with his ocarina in the courtyard. Puzzled by his carefree attitude, Hroth questioned how he didn’t seem to have any cares. Silhren was puzzled, but assured him that he felt there was no reason to worry. Hroth found it more confusing that Silhren could give to others to freely, but Silhren responded that he didn’t need to worry about that, either. Hroth walked away in a huff with Silhren trailing close behind him, trying to understand his reasoning.

Suhaila received an unexpected boon from Benneth in the form of a letter from Casamir Ayperi, her missing brother. The letter begged her not to join him in the chasing of the cult, but Casamir knew that this wouldn’t stop her. The letter included a special medallion, one that the letter claimed could open more than one base of the cult. He apologized for not sending her a letter sooner, and explained that it was too dangerous for him to contact her or their family, and he urged her to avoid speaking to them as well. Suhaila was elated to hear that her brother lived, and thanked Benneth. She left with a spring in her step.

While wandering about Skyreach, Hroth came across an unsettling development; he discovered a wanted poster for his arrest. A bounty had been placed on his head by his home town of Omash, and listed several kidnappings as his doing.

Hroth quickly removed the poster and took it with him, but not before noticing another poster. This bounty was almost large enough to make the Prophets of Kalistrade blush, and called for an enormous list of murders, kidnappings, attempts on the lives of royalty, moving of illegal goods, and other crimes of varying seriousness.

This face was also familiar; it was the face of the cultist who had been taken back to the Pathfinder Society in the Grand Lodge into custody for protection and questioning.

His true name was Spencer Khalim.

Sym accompanied Hroth into the dungeon of the Lodge to find the aftermath of a bloody escape. The guards had been slain by strangling, lightning, and negative energy. The blood pooling on the ground was being captured by a crude drawing of a toothy grin etched in the floor, likely to mock anyone who found the scene too late. Hroth and Sym tracked his footsteps to the stone wall around the lodge, where the trail had stopped with a teleport. He was long gone.

Within Skyreach, near the mess halls, Altaire and Lilli wandered to get some food. They were interrupted by a beautiful song coming from an unlit armory. Quietly approaching, they found Zarishu Sala, singing to herself. Lilli sneaked closer to hear more but was found. Startled that she had an audience, Zarishu stopped singing and tried to change the subject.

Altaire insisted that the song was lovely and inquired about its origin, while Lilli listened for more. Zarishu was hesitant, but explained that the song was one her mother sang during her life as a slave. She sang the song after she had given up, but Zarishu was determined to the change the solemn song into a plead to fight. She would not become like her mother.

Altaire agreed to keep this secret between them.

Finding himself at the Vial Secrets apothecary, Sym could not find the proprietor. The Old Lady was not at the desk, and the shop had a uneasy silence.

That silence was broken by voices from the back room; the Old Lady was in the shop. Sym heard half of the conversation. Th Old Lady reported to someone about improving some concoction with the wishrooms that she had asked the heroes to obtain from the Cairnlands. She seemed annoyed, as if this person was pushing a deadline on her.

Sym sent in Roko to get a closer look. She spoke to this mystery man through a divining mirror. Roko also found that she had the recipe for the infamous “”/campaign/kingdom-of-darkness/wikis/nights-breath" class=“wiki-page-link”>Night’s Breath" poison that the heroes knew all too well. In fact, she planned to use the wishrooms to improve the Night’s Breath. Roko swiped the recipe and returned to Sym.

Feeling greedy, Sym snooped about the shop and discovered a cabinet with a collection of powerful Alter Self potions that could last an entire day.

The alarm spell on the cabinet alerted the Old Lady, who came rushing to storefront. Thinking quickly, Sym donned his cloak and it changed into a regal outfit. The Old Lady only caught the backside of a rich man exiting the store. By the time she rant to the street, Sym had changed back, and pointed to the west. He smiled as she gave chase to his ruse and headed east with his report.

Now aware that the Old Lady of Vial Secrets was in allegiance with the Cult of the Open Armed, the heroes warned the First Guard of her presence, and they sent a squad with the heroes to apprehend her.

They were met with a trap. Knowing that others might come for her, the Old Lady prepared a trap, with the current brew of Night’s Breath she had. She propped it against the doorway and it fell onto the first people into her back room: the First Guards. Three of them became Nightshades instantly, while the last resisted the poison. The heroes and the First Guard were expecting Nightshades, but they did not expect the Old Lady to throw back her hood and have hissing snakes for hair.

The battle was treacherous, but everyone managed to leave alive, and the Old Lady was killed. The First Guard thanked the heroes for their assistance and returned to Skyreach with their report.

Upon returning, Silhren, Suhaila, Altaire, Lilli, and Sym found that Treval’s duels had continued. He had challenged five fellow Pathfinders of his caliber and had bested them all. Garren was even more intrigued by the boy, and after Treval’s last and decisive victory, and some healing from the Shelynite heroes, he offered himself as an opponent.

Garren made Treval a deal: if he could land a single blow on Garren, he would consider him the victor and leave him be; however, if Garren could knock Treval out, he would come with him. Treval tentatively took the bet (while Altaire set up bets behind the duel).

The duel was over in seconds. Garren succeeded in disarming both Treval’s longsword and cestus in one fluid motion. Even without weapons, Treval still could fight with his fists, but he was parried and knocked unconscious in a single blow.

Disgraced, Treval hurried to his room without a word after being brought to his feet.

Group B: Logas' Salvation
If not for brave heroes, a great city would not be standing.

In the bustling city of Logas, former capital of Isger, a great but not unexpected tragedy was avoided.

Travelers from various roads stopped in Logas for the day; Dwyn, the deceptive rogue; Content Not Found: gale_, the cursed aasimar; Jon, the purveyor of hope; _Content Not Found: cohortis-lanus, the divine hand of Pharasma; and Avacyntan, the preserver of life and liberty, convened on Logas by chance. Dwyn wasted no time in striking deals with the locals, displaying rocks he picked up outside and selling them as rare and valuable jewels. Gale helped the local hunters by mending the broken bow of a young huntress. Lanus and Dwyn aided a young apprentice to the local blacksmith in carrying his tools to the shop, and they were promised the first of his weapons out of gratitude.

Good deeds in Logas abounded as the generous men helped a local inn obtain an expensive altar to Asmodeus by the order of passing Hellknights. In return, they were given a clever and useful artifact that the inn keeper claimed would bring them good luck.

Entering the city, Syn and Jon happened to spot a young man limping to town off the beaten roads. They helped him to his feet and brought him to the local guard. The young man, Casamir, brought grim news: goblinoids intended to march to Logas in a few days.

Leaving the captain to contemplate this new threat, Jon and Syn looked around to find capable sword-arms to aid in the inevitable fight, but they found a small fight of their own as the inn where Dwyn, Lanus and Gale were staying was infested with giant rats and a lizard that fired lightning from its tail.

They noticed that these creatures were probably driven from their homes in the woods. Jon and Syn relayed the bad news as a recruiter began to shout outside, looking for able bodies to prepare for the goblins’ assault.

For the next eight days, the heroes lent their arms to aid the town in its defense; They built barricades, set traps, scouted the area, and recruited healers and knights from the surrounding lands to defend the city from the approaching enemies.

The day finally came, and the massive hordes fell upon the town. The Chitterwood nearly lit into flame with the number of torches and fire-happy goblins that began to march out in waves, followed by cunning and brutal hobgoblins and bugbears.

The armies stood opposite each other, tempting the other to strike the first blow.

An old man from Logas’ side loses his grip on his bow; a goblin falls to the dirt, and the goblinoids charge with all their might.

The two forces smash into each other, but the efforts of the town paid off, so the hordes were less than what Casamir predicted. The traps and barricades kept the forces thin, and the heroes made their mark on the field.

Cutting their way into the thick of the fight, the heroes came across a man in a black cloak with an enormous white mask. Surrounding him were several goblinoids that had been changed into nightshades by mysterious force, but they left the heroes little time to contemplate such things.

The man in the mask extended an offer; he described a “Kingdom of Darkness” to the heroes, a place where might made right and the strong made their way in the world. He claimed that people who fought for gods and for survival would find a new god, and much success could be found in this new kingdom.

For the heroes, there was little to consider; they gave a quick and decidedly negative answer, and the man shook his head in bemused disappointment.

The nightshade-infused goblins and bugbears started to blast the heroes with negative energies while the evil wizard slammed them with painful spells. The fight was harrowing, but the party managed to scrape out alive.

With the leader of the army vanquished, the goblins retreated back into the Chitterwood. Tired and bleeding, the heroes dragged themself back to a city filled with merriment, and they were rewarded for their efforts.

The only clue as to where to go next came from Casamir, who recalled that Gale’s missing coven had been speaking about the cult that the masked man belonged to and were headed in the direction of Wolfpoint.

Casamir warned the heroes of their future; having slain a “Proxy” of the cult, they would become targets of the cult’s members and, if they became troublesome like Casamir, the god of the cult himself.

The future is uncertain, but when has Golarion ever been certain of anything?

Group A: Darkness of the Unknown
A group of soon-to-be heroes get a taste of what they are up against.

With a cult base discovered below Silhren’s shop in Absalom, all that was left was to investigate.

Upon opening another seal below the streets of Absalom, the party was greeted by a mechanical chandelier. The chandelier projected a voice from the boss of the cult base, asking for the password. When the party couldn’t produce a password, and then couldn’t name any cult members, the jig was up. The chandelier raised silently and left the heroes alone in the quiet hallway.

Having no choice but to move on, the heroes entered a large mess hall. The hall appeared to be left alone, and all the tables had been left with plates and platters of prepared food. Bread, meats, cheeses, fine wine and mead covered every table in the room. The tantalizing smell of fish pulled Sym to take a bite of a medium-rare salmon.

The moment Sym bit into the fish, the room’s true nature became more clear. The fish began to bleed from its eyes and mouth, and the dishes around the room began to leak crimson red. Sym became starving, but the food wouldn’t satisfy. Silhren pointed out the evil presence in the room, and a good amount of channeling from Suhaila put an end to the haunt for the moment.

Listening to the spirit, Hroth put down some gold on the table to appease the unappreciated spirit who was worked to death, and remained at work ever since.

Moving on, the heroes came to an intersection and decided to move north. They found a small entryway into an important-looking room, flanked by stone statues with raised greataxes. Lilli was sent to investigate, triggering a trap. The axes came down on Lilli, and the floor opened beneath most of the party. They grumbled and pulled themselves from the hole. Altaire used an Enlarge Person spell on Lilli, who stood up tall and blasted the door down, along with the new greataxe barrier.

The room beyond was a planning room and library. The heroes found a disturbing letter from a higher up in the cult, speaking about Alken (whom the heroes had dealt with in Skyreach), and spoke about a man named Fegerin, who was being promoted to a “Proxy”. The heroes also found old maps of underground tunnels beneath Absalom that Alken likely used to infiltrate the Pathfinder Grand Lodge.

To the south, they found a prison, with one prisoner still awake. He was clearly mad, and he had written disturbing messages on the wall about a “tall man” who was stalking him. Attempts to reach the poor man were unsuccessful, as he continued to babble about how this man came to him at night and watched him.

He suddenly began to panic and point at the wall behind the heroes, claiming, “He’s here.” The heroes didn’t see anything in the room, but Silhren’s Detect Evil revealed an overwhelming evil in the room that blinded him for a short time.

When everyone took their eyes off the man, his screaming stopped. Looking back, the party saw that he was no longer in his cell. Looking around the room, they found him quickly; he was sitting on the stool next to the door, completely silent.

His stomach was slit open; his organs had been removed, placed in sacks, and put back inside his body.

The heroes quickly removed the other two prisoners in the room and asked Content Not Found: rethovel-wa-naonel to take them and the papers from the planning room to the Pathfinder Society.

In the next room was a curious sight. Lilli stopped to examine the figure in front of her; strangely, she could see Altaire standing in front of the next door, even though he was still behind her. As the second Altaire began summoning new creatures, however, the party readied their weapons.

Dealing with the doppelganger and the hidden choker easily, they claimed the doppelganger’s Bag of Holding and moved on.

After preparing for a fight, the heroes burst open the double doors to find the real mess hall; all of the tables, chairs, and stools had been turned on their sides to prepare for the intruders. They raised their crossbows and dared the party to advance.

One person met their challenge; Altaire stood as tall as he could beside Lilli and let out a tirade he had been building since they walked in. He introduced their guests: Lilli and himself, Rethovel, the “guy who scares the shit out of me,” Suhaila, the “conduit of divine death,” Silhren, the “wall of deadly mortar,” and Hroth, the “rain of pain.”

Despite the rather strange entrance, the cultists seemed to buy it and began to shift their eyes nervously. The heroes charged and fought hard, leaving two cultists dead, one unconscious, and two attempting to flee.

Following the cowardly mercenaries, the heroes found the altar room. Fegerin, the cleric mentioned in the letter, was receiving both his confirmation and a large, intimidating mask of white from a terrifying projection of an extraplanar creature. The creature declared that defeating the heroes would make a good commencement ceremony and disappeared, laughing.

The cleric donned the mask, and its dark powers filled the room with unease. The two mercenaries that had retreated to the altar room were turned into nightshades, and negative energy began to flow from their corrupted forms in deadly waves.

The ensuing fight was brutal; the room was cramped, and the party had little room in which to avoid the fireballs that Fegerin threw at them. Altaire and Rethovel lost consciousness, and Lilli was dismissed. The nightshades advanced, emitting waves of harmful negative energy that filled the room. The altars to the Open-Armed flanked the room, adding to the power of the deadly trio. After Suhaila healed Rethovel and Altaire with her goddess’ aid, Silhren and Rethovel engaged the cleric toe-to-toe in fierce combat while Hroth and Sym threw spells and arrows. With a small amount of divine help, Silhren managed to final slay the cleric with a glaive through the mask.

With his final breath, the evil cleric secretly activated a trick on his own medallion: the hidden glyphs about the hideout exploded, and the entire place started to come down on everyone’s heads.

Rethovel stuffed the body of the man in the mask into the Bag of Holding and they navigated the collapsing tunnels. The streets above their heads crumbled into the structure, and the moon from the night sky could be seen above in some rooms. The tables and chairs in the mess hall were obstacles enough; in addition, though, the room with the doppelganger had collapsed over the only door out, and water was pouring in the room. Luckily, the choker in the room had burrowed a tunnel to the prison. The prison had collapsed; the bars twisted around any avenues of escape, and the dust raised from the falling stone impaired the heroes’ vision. Escaping into the library/planning room, the party found that the debris in the air made it difficult to breathe; fortunately, however,the secret door they had discovered earlier was still working.

No one was left behind, as no one moved far ahead of the slowest party member. Though this caused many to become injured from the falling debris, the heroes risked life and limb to ensure each other’s safety. Their valor paid off; with perseverance, prayer, and a little bit of luck, everyone made it out alive.

A gaping hole in the streets behind Silhren’s shop spewed stone and dust as the escapees caught their breath. The guards came to them quickly and took them to the Pathfinder Society to report what had happened.

Group A: Adventure in Absalom
Even in the world's largest city, there is danger around every corner.

Now field commissions for the Pathfinder Society, Altaire, Hroth, Content Not Found: rethovel-wa-naonel, Silhren, Suhaila, and Sym aided with the reconstruction at the Grand Lodge.

As repairs continued, Sym decided to pay a visit to Vial Secrets, and asked the Old Lady if she knew of any good sages. She referred him across the street to see Grom, the clever but strange halfling who runs Sage ’n General. Sym inquired if the sage had any knowledge of the Nightshades, upon which Grom swung open his scroll cabinet to an avalanche of scrolls. He offered a scroll of Nightshade lore for a low price of 100gp. Not having that much money, Sym offered chocolate to pay for the scroll. Still not having quite enough, Sym departed to obtain more money from his comrades.

Silhren and Hroth continued to aid in rebuilding the collapsed quadrangle. Silhren took a break to play his ocarina. Shortly after sitting down, he received company from a very inebriated Zarishu. Through the slur of compliments, she mentioned a bar called the Goodnight Kiss, with a bad-ass barmaid. Zarishu promptly passed out, and Silhren carried her inside to find a bed for her.

Rethovel and Suhaila took some time in the library of Skyreach to research the Nightshades themselves. Luckily, they found a tome that told them of the Nightshades’ unnatural cruelty and desire for the end of all things.

Convincing Grom to part with an old scroll for 50gp from Rethovel and a bag of Kibwe chocolates, Sym returned to Rethovel and showed him and Hroth (who was on a break) the scroll. Rethovel noticed that the scroll was written in Azlanti, meaning that it was very old. The scroll also detailed the different known varieties of Nightshades.

Rethovel concluded and shared with the group that if they ever meet a real Nightshade, they should consider retreat.

After a long day of work and study, the party scattered. Suhaila and Altaire came across an Aasimar gentleman by the name of Kot. He was meeting with a counselor who hoped to help him regain his memory. Suhaila deduced that his ailment was a magical one; she offered to help her angelic kin and planned to bring him any answers she could offer.

Upon Kot leaving, Suhaila decided to begin the search for her missing brother, Casamir Ayperi. A Pathfinder in the Grand Lodge happened to remember him coming back to the lodge a few months prior. He pointed her to the bar-heavy district of town, where she would find a gentleman named Benneth, who had spoken to Casamir last. He claimed that Casamir was on the lookout for a group of cultists in masks…

Behind the party, a small bar fight almost broke out, but was diffused by the barmaid with a single strike of a mug.

As the party walked back to the Grand Lodge, night had fallen, and the torches had been lit. In the dark alleyways, Hroth noticed a group of armed men and women surrounding someone in a corner. After pointing the party in their direction, they perked up quickly upon hearing accusations of “abomination” and “freak.”

A group of ruffians had taken it upon themselves to corner a dhampir, wearing necklaces of garlic to prevent any resistance from their prey. The party took them by surprise; their surprise was not put to rest to see that they stood before a tiefling, a good-aligned paladin, an aasimar cleric, a giant summoned creature, a catfolk sorcerer, and a half-orc who could wield a bow with unnatural grace.

Needless to say, the five thugs backed off. The dhampir did not expect to be saved, and somewhat crudely thanked them or their help. He asked them if they had seen a man with a brown cap with a green feather, but no one could help him. With a simple wave, he said goodbye.

The quadrangle at the Grand Lodge was still in shambles, so the party needed a place to stay for the night. Recalling that his family had owned a store in Absalom in the Petal District, Silhren guided the party to his old stomping grounds.

When they arrived, the lock on the shop was broken. A quick search of the area and the inside revealed that the shop had been used recently. A series of footprints lead to a secret and magical doorway that lead into the back of a warehouse that had not been there while Silhren was a child. Searching the rest of the shop, Rethovel found a medallion that displayed the symbol of the cult. This medallion opened the secret door that lead to the back of the warehouse on the other side. This small alcove in the back of the warehouse also had a staircase leading down into lower levels. It appeared that someone was putting out the torches in the warehouse, so the party laid low to intercept him. The cultist noticed the secret door had been opened and took the bait. He was caught by the party and politely interrogated. He revealed that there were still a number of cultists downstairs and possibly some other surprises. The party knocked the nervous man out and descended into the catacombs beneath Absalom…

Group A: Becoming Pathfinders
A most unusual group of heroes gets an even more unusual welcome to the Pathfinder Society...

Now in the city of Absalom, some of the heroes tried their hand at street performance. After Sym froze a fountain, and Hroth had to break the ice, the guards gave them cold looks and asked them to get out of the fountain. Silhren sat down and played his ocarina, and his impressive display drew a crowd. Hroth asked one of the guards which way the Grand Lodge of the Pathfinder Society was. The guard directed the party to the Foreign Quarter.

On the way, the group stopped by an Apothecary called the Vial of Secrets, as per Sym’s request. After buying potions and scrolls, the heroes noticed that the old lady running the shop spoke in strange speech patterns and smelled heavily of exotic mushrooms. She offered to pay them for any mushrooms they come across in the Cairnlands, for their spell boosting properties.

Finally reaching the Grand Lodge, the heroes were escorted to meet Ralpor Wales, the guard captain of the Grand Lodge. He warned them sternly that he would be watching them during their stay at the Grand Lodge, the heart of the Pathfinder Society. Ralpor escorted the heroes into Skyreach to meet Marcos Farabellus, the dean of swords. He happily showed them to their first test to become Pathfinders.

The first test was to fight a unique construct, with slots that small rods, scattered about the room in locked chests, could be be inserted to weaken the golem until they finally defeated it.

Completing the challenge in short order, the heroes were met on the other side by Marcos, who told them he knew about the Spoiled Brat and that they had survived something clearly extraplanar. He hinted that they may be able to become Pathfinders quicker than most because of their exceptional handling of the situation on their ride to Absalom.

The second test involved an unlit maze filed with traps to test young Pathfinders. The tunnels were not empty, however; the diggings of small creatures had flooded a room and created a haunt in its wake that the party barely managed to resolve before being pulled into the water themselves. Following the footsteps of these creatures brought the group to a trap-laden storeroom. On the way out of the room, the group discovered a small mob of gremlins being ordered to continue on by a man with a long black cloak and a large, white, faceless mask; upon noticing the heroes, he cast the room into deep darkness and disappeared. The party felt it best to leave the test and tell the deans that something had happened that needed to come to their attention.

The group backtracked and met with Aram Zey, the dean of spells. He had been scrying them as they progressed, and he assured them that little of what they found below the surface was meant to be there. He told them it would be fine for them to quit the test and get some rest in the living quarters within the Grand Lodge.

Suhaila got to room with the Keleshite woman, Zarishu, who had helped them survive the Spoiled Brat. They found themselves conversing in the bathhouse about Zarishu’s desire to find a husband, and she shared her critiques about the various gentlemen Suli had come to Absalom with.

Meanwhile, Silhren attracted a large crowd with a rousing song or two, and a group of bards joined in.

Early the next morning, the group woke to the unpleasant sound of structural sabotage; within seconds, the entire dormitory building collapsed on top of them. When they escaped the collapse, they found waves of gremlins tearing the other buildings to pieces. Joining in the battle with several other Pathfinders on site, the group helped repel the diminutive attackers. Rushing to Skyreach, the heroes found the three deans on their knees, opposing an equally winded man in a long cloak and large, white, empty mask. They challenged him, guided the deans to a defensible area, and engaged the evoker in combat.

The dark caster spoke of his master, the “Open Armed”, threatening his wrath should he himself fall. Before he did, his master heard his call, and granted him the power of the nightshades for a final assault.

Emerging scathed but victorious, the heroes defeated the masked man. He told them that his master knew their faces, and that they would come to fear his.

The evoker disappeared into the ether, and the deans thanked the group for saving their lives. Seeing how the party had yet again performed exceptionally, and that all three deans were present to witness it, Marcos happily pulled out a number of Wayfinders to hand to the heroes, commemorating their Confirmation as official Pathfinders.

Group A: Goblin Surprise
Stowaways are never pleasant surprises...

Aboard the Spoiled Brat, passengers await landing at the docks of Absalom, the city at the center of the world. A truly colorful list of passengers walked the deck. Altaire (Ali) Goldmeadow, the gnome summoner with his companion, Lilli, rode to Absalom to find fame. Suhaila Liliya Ayperi traveled in search of the brother who left home and only wrote once. Sym sought knowledge and understanding of the world around him. Silhren Rilbahn desired a chance to serve Shelyn. Content Not Found: rethovel-wa-naonel came with a curse and the desire to break it. Hroth fled his home in accordance with his master’s wishes. Among the hopeful crew, they were not the only ones with dreams in Absalom.

Unfortunately, this trip to Absalom was not to be a quiet one; nearly an hour before landing at port, goblins sprung a trap after being discovered by a shipmate. The goblins blasted from their hiding places and attempted to take the ship, while applying a mysterious flask of dark magic. The passengers of the Spoiled Brat took the fight to them and repelled the stowaways.

The flask of dark magic possessed the crewman who found the goblins in hiding. When the passengers found him, he had already begun to change; his skin was washed with black, and his eyes became red. He summoned a number of skeletons and desecrated the lower deck of the ship.

The crew survived, and the new heroes found themselves victorious.

One of the passengers suggested that the group find the Grand Lodge of the Pathfinder Society, and it became clear that the Pathfinder Society would have some influential new members…

Destiny Swirls
Heroes come in all shapes and sizes...

A hero isn’t made in a day.

The call for a hero isn’t always clear.

But heroes are all around Golarion, and they won’t know it until the Gods choose them.

In the town of Absalom, the city at the center of the world, individuals of all races, aspirations and vices walk the stone streets and dock in the vast harbors.

Among them are heroes who don’t know their potential, but will find their destinies will take them beyond the stars…


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