The Conduit's Cloak

Sym's mythic reward


Price -; Slot shoulder; CL (twice Sym’s tier); Weight 2 lbs.; Aura moderate all


Nearly every silver stitch of this dark robe seems to illustrate a magic rune or word. The inside of the robe swirls with colors and magic words seem to dance and sway just outside of view.

Maker of Magic: By expending a use of legendary power, the wielder of this cloak may cast any single wordspell that he would be capable of casting with his class. For example, a 5th level wizard could only use this item to cast a 3rd level words spell containing effect words available to wizards of his level. The wielder may use as many meta words per day as he has mythic tiers.


Originally Sym’s Cloak of Many Garments, it was given great power by Sym’s long-lost ancestor, Baldevar.

The Conduit's Cloak

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