Sixty-Year-Old Note

This weathered and crumpled paper has been stuffed inside a gun's muzzle, and has slight burns on it.


The paper reads:

“My Darling Keshkee,
If you are reading this then my worst fears have come true. If the cult has found us, and you have found my gun, then I can only imagine that you have taken it up in my name. You have always been irrepressible. On many other occasions I would encourage your tenacity, but here I must say:
Don’t fight these people.
It is not worth it, they are far too reaching and resourceful. You would be better suited living your life in safety and obscurity from their prying eyes. They already know me, which is too close for comfort, and I would not wish anything they are capable of doing to be brought down upon you.
That bastard Pallos already has half of the influential nobility of the Inner Sea Religion under his charismatic thumb. He can pull any string. He has debts from at least seven countries for magical favors of his.
But I know his true face. He is cruel and twisted. He is patient. He is calculating and prepared. He likely has plans for you should you come to claim revenge.
The cult is dangerous. Pallos is dangerous. Stay in Alvis and be safe.

Your father,

PS: You didn’t read any of that seriously, did you? I swear.
Just don’t do anything rash. Shoot from a distance.

Your mother and I love you."


This letter was found under the ram rod of Kesh’s pistol. It was penned by her long-dead adoptive father.

Sixty-Year-Old Note

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