Sigh of Shushaar

H'roth's legendary item

weapon (ranged)

Sigh of Shushaar

Price -; Slot weapon; CL (twice H’roth’s tier); Weight 5 lbs.; Aura moderate transmutation


This smooth wooden longbow feels slightly warm to the touch, and carries the smell of a desert wind. A calming presence surrounds the simple wood.

Deep Breath
By spending a use of legendary power, the wielder of the Sigh of Shushaar can draw a single arrow of white flame and fire it into the sky as a standard action. This arrow creates a tower of flame and wind as per the spell sirocco (fort save, DC 19).
By spending a full round action and three uses of legendary power, the wielder can replace the damage dealt by sirocco with the damage done by flame strike.


An old longbow, given to H’roth by his master in the temple of Irori that H’roth spent his later years in.

Sigh of Shushaar

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