Shelyn's Canvas

Silhren's legendary item


Shelyn’s Canvas

Price -; Slot armor; CL (twice Silhren’s tier); Weight 25 lbs.; Aura moderate evocation


This armor is white like an empty canvas, and colors and images dance across its surface, hinting at images in the onlookers head, sparking creativity and inspiration.

The Rose’s Thorns
By spending one use of legendary power, a mythic character while wearing this armor can cast wall of thorns. If the wearer expends a use of mythic power when activating this ability, they can use the mythic version of wall of thorns. If the caster is at least 6th tier, they can spend two uses of their mythic power to cast the augmented version.


Gifted to Silhren during a desperate battle with Spencer and Tazula to aid him in his battle against the cult.

Shelyn's Canvas

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