Nightshade Scroll

This old scroll smells of aged paper, and its slightly golden sheen has dulled.


This scroll, when used, grants the user a +2 on Knowledge (planes) to learn about a specific kind of Nightshade. If the user can speak Azlanti, the bonus increase to +4. A Linguistics check (DC 20) will give the same bonus.


This scroll contains ancient Azlanti lore on the villainous Nightshades, from the dimension between the Shadow Plane and the Negative Energy Plane. It depicts simple illustrations of four known types of Nightshade:

  1. The Nightwalker: these towering humanoid shape Nightshades are the generals of undead armies and the organizers of the deaths of worlds.
  2. The Nightwing: Dark masters of the sky, these bat-like Nightshades hide in shadows during the day, and emerge to feed on kingdoms at night.
  3. The Nightcrawler: Horrendous masters of the earth below the ground, these centipede-shaped Nightshades can burrow and feed on kingdoms below the surface with frightening speed.
  4. The Nightwave: The most powerful known Nightshade, these behemoths dwell in ocean rifts and feed on the souls of the drowned and the flesh of aquatic life, sometimes rising from the sea to claim the surface above.

Nightshade Scroll

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