Idol of the Open-Armed

A small circular base displays a black eyeball with a single tear flowing from it. The item is slightly cold to the touch.


Minor Artifact
Aura: Minor Evocation CL: 3rd Price: 6000gp Slot: none Weight: -

This medallion acts as a sort of key for the bases of the Cult of the Open Armed. Using them at the doors of their bases will dispel magical doors leading inside. The wielder need only hold the medallion up to the door, and the barriers fall.

Each temple or base that uses these keys has specific spell schools that are bound to each medallion. If a cultist desires he can replace the specific unlocking school to another school of a spell he can cast. The spell replacing the original must be of the same spell level. A DC 20+level of bound spell Spellcraft check will identify the school and level of spell. Changing the bound school and level requires a minute.

Construction Requirements: Cost: 3000gp, Craft Wondrous Item, wall of force+ any spell of any level


This small idol depicts a black eye shedding a single tear. Holding it in the palm of one’s hand creates vague feelings of loss, sadness, and desire for revenge.

Higher level cultists like Proxies seem to carry one on them.

People who touch them seem to have strange dreams a few nights later.

Idol of the Open-Armed

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