Missive from Pallos

The letter has been opened already, and the paper has been crumpled from being in a pocket.


The letter reads:

“To My Dearest Proxies

Congratualtions on your new initiation into the greater echelons of our organization. Your efforts will not go unrewarded, but I have a commencement in mind for you…

I have a number of foes that I would have dealt with violently. They will be brought to the estate of Aurine Tayner, a noblewoman of Elidir who has found more secrets than the Open Armed will tolerate in a mortal. Follow my procession when I come into town so I may set the scene first. They will be accompanied by several Hellknights. There are only four of them, and there shouldn’t be more than six Hellknights.

Follow your teachings and they will be no challenge…

Remember, his arms will catch you and engulf his foes.

Grand Maester Pallos”


Missive from Pallos

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