Milani's Bouquet

The Jon's mythic item



Price -; Slot none; CL (twice The Jon’s tier); Weight 1 lb.; Aura moderate abjuration


This collection of pristine roses wrapped in a red sash seems to drip blood slowly and surely.

Liberating Call (Sp): By expending a use of legendary power as a standard action, the wielder may allow any allies within 60 ft a second saving throw against a single mind-affecting effect currently afflicting them with a +4 bonus. Any allies who are bound by physical bonds like rope or manacles are allowed an Escape Artists check with a +20 bonus. This all happens simultaneously.

Alternatively, the wielder may expend one use of legendary power to cast Blood Crow Strike as a spell-like ability, but with a casting time of one swift action instead of 1 round as if the spell is quickened. If the user expends one additional use of legendary power, the user may cast the mythic version of the spell. Finally, when the wielder uses the spell-like ability, he may choose whether half of the damage is negative or positive energy upon using the spell-like ability.


Five rose’s were gathered by The Jon and wrapped in a ribbon brought by his long-time companion, Crow. A gift from Milani herself, this bouquet is a symbol of liberation from tyranny.

Milani's Bouquet

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