Mask of the Open Armed

This mask seems a little large for the average humanoid, and staring at the blank face of the mask creates feelings of worry.


Aura: strong evocation and transmutation CL: 20th Weight: 4lbs Slot: Head

A few known specimens have been found, and when removed, their wearers have lost all their facial features.

All of the wearers have been known as Proxies in the Cult of the Open Armed. They seem to be badges of station just as much as sources of power.

They are forged on another plane out of unknown materials from the plane of the Nightshades, and are bestowed on the Proxies by the Nightshades themselves.

  • Spellcraft (15) This mask seems to grant its wearer special abilities, one of which is the ability to use message at will to speak to everyone around you as if they are speaking normally.
  • Spellcraft (20) The wearer also is granted the use of several spells as spell-like abilities. These spells are unique to the wearer’s personality, and typically compliment their current style of combat.
  • Spellcraft (25) ...
  • Spellcraft (30) ...
  • Spell Craft (35) ...

The masks are handed down to Proxies of the Cult of the Open Armed as a commemoration of their new status in the cult. The Nightshade servants of the Open Armed himself hand deliver these extraplanar artifacts to new Proxies on the eve of their ascension.

These masks appear to bestow frightening power onto their new wearers, and because they are only given to the most devoted of cult members, their wearers have a mind to make use of them for the “greater good.”

Mask of the Open Armed

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