Letter to the Arbiters from the Resistance


“Dear Warriors of Light,

My name is Fingen Elereth. You likely do not know me, but I represent an organization that you may be interested to know about.

We simply call ourselves the Resistance. We oppose the Open-Armed’s cult on many fronts. We have heard much of your exploits, and wishwe could request an audience with you.

Sadly we are not at liberty, as our situation in the city of Kaer Maga is grim. The cult is not beyond reaching for the lowest common denominator. Clearly they have great plans here, but this letter is not for that.

We understand, from several of my agent’s reports (we apologie for the spying, but we had to be careful and concealed) that your group in particular is on the trail of one of the more prominent members: Spencer Khalim.

We have information as to his movements and goals. They lie in a country to the east of the Inner-Sea: Numeria.

Something stirs, very loudly and very tall. We do not know what,nor do we particularly care to know what up close and personal. understand that heavy loads are something you excel at.

I would suggest visiting the city of Starfall after seeing your Pathfinder friends in Hajoth Hakados. There is a Pathfinder lodge there.

We wish you the best and safest of travels,
The Resistance"


Letter to the Arbiters from the Resistance

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