Letter from Torio

The letter has been opened already. The script is light and heavily stylistic.


The letter reads:

Your efforts have been impressive thus far, but you are far from becoming a Proxy as you desire.
If you wish to know the truth of the fate of the cosmos, and gain the strength to survive it and remain in the clean cosmos, you must complete this small step that has been eluding us for too long.
We still hope to create the next Revenant to receive the might of the Open-Armed, to serve at the side of Revenant Black Magnus.
Unfortunately, he has been less than accommodating of our demands, and still rebels against our wishes. Bring sacrifices from the town; people who won’t slow the economy of the town to keep them from mounting a full expedition. We will feed them to him after “blessing” the sacrifices. He will not be able to resist for long.
Do this, and you will be one step closer to obtaining a mask from the Open-Armed himself.
His arms encircle everything.
Proxy Torio”


This letter was found inside the home of Jean in Alvis.

Letter from Torio

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