Letter from Casamir 1

This letter was scribbled quickly. The envelope reads: to Suhaila.

The letter reads: “My Dearest sister,

No. No. No. No. No. No no no no no no no on onono ono ono ono on ono o on ononononnnoononononononononononononono.

Still here? Thought so. You’re irrepressible.

I have been hearing whispers from behind masks that someone who looks like me has been giving the cult of the Open Armed trouble…

So just be careful for one. These guys are not someone to be trifled with. I’ve already lost a few friends to this wicked cult, and I don’t plan to lose a little sister.

I’m sorry my letters have stopped up to this point. I couldn’t risk it. I was being watched. And followed.

Enclosed is a medallion that I’ve had enchanted. These medallions are keys to the bases of the cult. Each base has a unique spell cast on it that keeps one medallion from opening ll of them. This one should open most, but not all. Should remove a rather dangerous step, but I have a good feeling that won’t stop you.

Does anything actually stop you? Seriously.

I didn’t think so.

You better be damn safe.

Love, Cass

PS. If the cult is on your case, don’t go visit Mom and Dad. Don’t even mention them. Pretend you’re an orphan. Also, try not to make too many friends, they aren’t afraid to exploit that.

Be safe, I love you.”


This letter was delivered by Benneth from a contact of his from out of town. Casamir likely went to great risk to send Suhaila the letter.

Letter from Casamir 1

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