Letter from Axlorn

This letter has a symbol of a black crying eye as a watermark.


The letter reads:

“It is regretful that Alken has been slain, but of little consequence. He has done his part admirably. The Society is nearly in a panic, just as we’d hoped. Give them a day or two to run around like goblin children, then we will show them the meaning of fear. The Open Armed will be most pleased with your work. As regards those who slew Alken, we are currently investigating them. We have found little info, as none of them are Absalom locals. We wonder if the Varisian girl is related to the Variasian spy we have brushed with before. He could be useful after all the trouble he ha caused us. We are elated to here from the Open Armed that your cleric, Fegerin, is to become a Proxy soon. This is a most notable achievement, indeed. We welcome a new adept into our midst, and swell with pride to see our ranks are swelling so wide. The Open Armed’s kingdom will take more time than he wishes, but it is slowly growing. We have sent a Proxy among us to the Chitterwood to request yet another alliance with monstrous humanoids to feed our growing army. He should be moving the new troops by now if according to schedule. His arms carry us, We will find strength in his embrace, We will find freedom in his new kingdom. Proxy Axlorn”


This letter was found in the secret cult hideout in Absalom, under a warehouse behind Silhren’s residence. It was opened when the party found it, sitting in the planning room, where other important documents were found, including maps of the underground tunnels beneath Absalom and reports of research to turn Night Breath into a gas form.

Letter from Axlorn

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