Kesh's legendary item

weapon (ranged)


Price -; Slot weapon; CL (twice Kesh’s tier); Weight 5 lbs.; Aura moderate conjuration


This battered pistol appears practically nonfunctional. Never cleaned but tightened often, its barrels spin with a satisfying clicking sound.

One More Shot
By spending a use of legendary power, the wielder of this gun can conjure shots of black powder and a bullet or a flare alchemical cartridge (the wielder may mix and match). Alternatively, the wielder may expend on use of legendary power and two uses of mythic power to instead conjure bullets of pure force energy. These shots behave like a magic missile, but using attack rolls like gun ammunition and using the damage of the gun’s shots.


A gun that Kesh borrowed from her adopted father, Balo, was awoken by her mother, a powerful Riftwarden named Tari Elenese. A gift from the family, it has served her well.


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