Suhaila's legendary item



Price -; Slot shoulders; CL (twice Suhaila’s tier); Weight 2 lbs.; Aura moderate conjuration, faint enchantment and necromancy


This shimmering, white cloak is clearly handmade, but close inspection reveals silver threads intricately woven throughout the cloth, and the garment perpetually emits a soft, golden light.

Base: The item acts as a Mantle of the Faithful Vessel and provides constant illumination as per a Light spell.

Celestial Crescendo: By expending a use of legendary power as a standard action, the wearer of Dovetail can summon a number of choral angels equal to her tier and activate the choral angels’ Harmonize spell-like ability. The wearer of the cloak counts as the choral angel activating the ability. Once per day, the wearer may expend 1 use of legendary power to increase the caster level of the spell-like abilities by a number equal to her tier.

Special: If Suhaila’s romantic relationship ends, this item loses its power.


This cloak, lovingly crafted by Treval Bast, was given as a gift to Suhaila as congratulations for winning the women’s portion of the Archerfeast competitions.


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