Witty Trick

A green and red faerie dragon buzzes around the room, equipped with a duster, a small mop, extra scroll cases, and a mug for tea on a small belt about his waist. His smile is evident, even with his emerald scales and reptilian features.

  • CG
  • Faerie Dragon (Bestiary 3, pg 91)
  • Deity:
  • Love: Grom, people who give him candy (rubbed off on Grom)
  • Hate: people who can’t take a joke, evil aligned people
  • Goal: Witty Trick wants to see the store become larger and more prosperous, and also hopes to write a joke book.

Witty Trick is the familiar of Grom, and has been his faithful companion since the day Grom learned to summon him in childhood. Witty Trick suggested starting the Sage ‘n General when Grom and him made the trip to Absalom in Grom’s quest of knowledge.

Witty Trick has been putting the most work into the store, but he wouldn’t get far without Grom’s expertise and ability to have just what the customer needs.

Witty Trick

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