Treval Aldori

Clothed in fine furs and leather armor, this boy stands straight, his hand not far from his mithral dueling sword.

  • LG
  • 7 Fighter 8 Aldori Swordlord
  • Deity: Iomedae
  • Love: lawful people (not necessarily lawful alignment), his family (now deceased), skilled swordsmen, Suhaila Liliya Ayperi, Zarishu Sala, Garren, the Absalom Arbiters
  • Hate: goblinoids
  • Goal: Treval hopes to complete his training as an Aldori Swordlord; following that, he hopes to settle down in Isger and start a family.

Treval was born in Isger, in the city of Logas. In spite of the heavy Chelaxian influence of Logas, and the many worshipers of Asmodeus, his parents raised him under the teachings of Erastil. He worked hard with his father in the fields to produce crops for his own family and the people of Logas.

He lived a relatively simple, productive, and happy existence, until the Goblinblood Wars came. Logas was directly next to the Chitterwood, and received the brunt of the goblinoid force’s wrath. The battle was brutal, and Treval barely escaped with his life, but not fast enough to miss witnessing his parents’ gruesome death at the hands of one of the bugbear leaders. Hiding and stunned behind a pile of crates, he sobbed and clutched his mouth to avoid uttering a sound. He heard the bugbear called by name, “Skin-Splitter,” and the name was burned in his memory.

Taking to the river, he swam until he had no breath, and dragged himself to a road that lead to Wolfpoint, where he was cared for by the local soldiers until the war ended. He spent every day in an empty and furious stupor, not responding to the words of comfort from the soldiers and clerics at Wolfpoint. He simply woke every day and tended to a small field of his own to make himself food, and repay the soldiers who cared for him.

Treval took especial note of the sparring soldiers, and he was given his first longsword by the soldiers. He received rudimentary training in swordplay to pass the time. It seemed to be the only way he would talk to the soldiers who slowly came to accept him as the “farmer’s boy.”

When the war finally ended, he was taken back to Logas on a supply caravan for the relief effort. He had no home now, and no parents to care for him, so he was taken in by an orphanage run by Sisters of the Golden Erinyes, also called the “Devil Nuns.”

He was raised by the nuns to worship Asmodeus, but always kept his familial ties to Erastil close and in secret.

Eventually Treval could not take any more Asmodeus, and decided to find a ship to Absalom where he could become a Pathfinder, in the hopes of coming across the bugbear Skin-Splitter again, and taking revenge.

Treval Aldori

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