Spencer Khalim


  • CE
  • 20 Witch 5 Archmage
  • Deity: Urgathoa, The Open Armed
  • Love: his familiar, his childhood friends, people of the same alignment (who he feels a kinship with)
  • Hate: people who fix things (objects or people), people who don’t listen to him, people who don’t pay him when due, the Absalom Arbiters
  • Goal: His ultimate goal is to return “home,” but where home is found is anyone’s guess. He has grand ambitions of high rank and power.

Spencer is a mystery to most, and he prefers to keep it that way. He has recently revealed his undead nature as a mohrg.

His clothes and mannerisms betray a kind of foreignness that makes people uncomfortable. He also prefers to keep this perception as it is.

Where he comes from doesn’t change the fact that he is dangerous. The precise records of Cheliax and the short memory other countries betray a long list of criminal activity including (but not limited to): arson, larceny, kidnapping, and murder on a frightening number of accounts, and even one attempt on the life of a member of House Thrune. When inquired about how he pleads when he is caught, he usually replied with, “bored.”

He currently works for the Cult of the Open Armed, and seems to be getting along well with its other mercenary ranks.

Spencer Khalim

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