Old Lady


  • LE
  • Medusa: Bestiary page 201
  • Deity: Nethys
  • Love: people who share magical items and reagents, magical beasts (whom she has a strange affinity to)
  • Hate: those who slay magical beasts for their body parts, thieves
  • Goal: She desires to revolutionize the potion-making industry, and seems to be on the verge of a breakthrough…

Very little is known about this woman’s past. Her mannerisms and surprisingly vast knowledge seem to suggest that she may have more to tell than many would suspect.

Sym and Roko uncovered her affiliation with the Cult of the Open Armed and rallied the First Guard as well as their fellow party members to investigate and arrest her.

Confronted directly, her true form as a Medusa was revealed, and she was defeated before she could ask the party to bring her the wishrooms to improve the Night’s Breath poison.

Old Lady

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