Meghan Tol

This human woman's bob cut, bust, and big smile make her easy to notice.


Meghan has always been a dreamer. She grew up in Absalom, in the shadow of the Grand Lodge’s walls. She could always see the mighty and brave Pathfinders coming and going, bringing tales of great adventure and discovery from across the world.

Hoping to one day join their ranks, Meghan would pick fights with local boys and bullies to prove her mettle. This earned her a few broken bones and visits from the city guard, but her confidence escalated.

When she felt old enough, she took up the long three years to train and become a Pathfinder. Sadly she was not prepared for what Pathfinders were expected to face, and couldn’t grasp the cooperative attitude that was required to be a Pathfinder, so she was rejected after a year.

She has since gotten married to a young mage from the Pathfinder Society, and they opened a bar together called the Whistling Willow. Sensing her plight, her husband created a unique set of drinking mugs that could be used as weapons to settle bar fights, so she could still take action when she wanted. Sometimes, when her husband is out on a mission for the Society, she’ll pick fights herself.

In recent years, Meg has taken advantage of the fame of the Absalom Arbiters, and her bar has become quite famous in and of itself.

Meghan Tol

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