Kot Olivere

A handome and strong-looking aasimar stands straight. His golden, pupil-less eyes stare forward at his task ahead. His shining armor sport motifs of flames and a five-winged angel.

  • NG
  • 9 Fighter (Two-Weapon Fighter) 3 Paladin (Warrior of the Holy Light)
  • Deity: Ragathiel
  • Love: children, the down-trodden
  • Hate: those who commit crimes against people who cannot defend themselves
  • Goal: Kot has recently regained his memories, and desires to use the Pathfinder Society to spread good and order.

Kot does not know where he came from, who his parents were, where he was born, or what his childhood was like. All he remembers is a sense of duty to those who cannot defend themselves. He carries out missions for the Pathfinder Society, secretly moving his faction’s agenda of goodness and law as he travels and battles the forces of evil.

He sees himself as a crusader for those who have no help or hope.

Kot Olivere

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