• CE
  • 20 Alchemist 8 trickster
  • Deity: The Open-Armed
  • Love: fellow alchemists (who can keep up with his ramblings), people who can outsmart him (loves the competition)
  • Hate: divine casters, people with <12 INT, the Absalom Arbiters, the Heroes of Logas, The Care Magans
  • Goal: Kolar is a great craftsman like his fore-bearers, but he sees himself in the world of science rather than stone or metal. He hopes to learn great alchemical secrets through service to the cult and use the Kingdom of Darkness as his new test bed for alchemical mutagens and weapons.

Raised in a brothel, Kolar was the son of the barkeep and the barmaid; his father introduced him to the delicate art of drink-mixing, and he challenged Kolar to create new concoctions each week to treat to his customers.

Kolar went along gleefully, learning more quickly than he let on to his father. He gave his father the safe mixes and kept the ones he made on the sides to test on alley cats and rats. One dark day, he gave his father the wrong mix, but his craft was so deadly and clever that everyone in the bar tried it for the fantastic flavor; Kolar was the only one to leave the bar.

After a few years as a poison-maker, he was found by the cult and told that if he worked with them, he would have all the test subjects he could ask for.


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