This eccentric halfling's hair radiates from his head like a sunburst from his head, the center of which hold enormous glasses that magnify his tiny eyes. He smiles as though he knows a secret, and has a slight smell of sugar about him.

  • CN
  • 9 grenadier, 1 primalist
  • Deity: Nethys
  • Love: magic and alchemy enthusiasts, story-tellers, people who use magic to protect and heal, blueberries
  • Hate: people who use magic to destroy without cause
  • Goal: Grom hopes to keep the Sage & General running, with or without the aid of blueberries.

Grom is the halfling that most believe is actually a gnome in disguise. Growing up in the busy city of Magnimar, he paid little attention to corrupt politics and the growing class-divide, instead poring over the spellbooks of the magic shop across the street from his home. Grom became a regular at the Sage Advice, though not necessarily a welcome one; he was usually considered a pest and was pushed out the storefront whenever he couldn’t pay for a scroll he had secretly memorized. He would run the runes and incantations through his head as he rushed home and would try to cast the spells on the family cat; most of the spells he learned were not destructive enough to cause damage, but they were definitely loud enough to catch the attention of his parents.

Grom’s parents did not approve of magic in their home; Grom tried his best to practice when he was alone, but his parents would discover his secret again and again.

Finally, at age 15, after he had caused the cat to trail a rosy scent around the house, his parents banned him from performing magic again. They took the staff he had carved himself, burned it, and spoke to Sage Advice about keeping him out of the shop with wards.

Grom went to the next best thing: alchemy. While walking the streets with a long face, he perked up when he found a shop called the Bubble General. The store sold alchemical components for any kind of potion or mutagen, from the benign to the abominable. The shopkeepers seemed much more receptive to young, curious minds, and Grom became a favorite of the shop.

Grom’s curiosity was fed to bursting, as he tried nearly every component in every combination to every ingredient ratio. The shopkeeper even worked with him once or twice to create pranks to play on his stern parents, once causing the cat to turn into a wolf.

Grom was eventually old enough to make it on his own, and he traveled the world, crafting new concoctions from new things he found in deep forests, chilly mountaintops, and dank caverns. He managed to amass enough of a reputation to open a shop in Absalom, naming it the Sage ’n General in honor of his two inspirations.


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