Walking with an unnatural grace, his hand on his exotic dueling sword, this man looks to have stepped from a morbid and beautiful painting.

  • NG
  • 7 Fighter (Aldori Swordlord), 8 Aldori Swordlord
  • Deity: Desna
  • Love: People who see him for WHO he is rather than WHAT he is, people who are troubled by their heritage, the Absalom Arbiters, aspiring heroes, Treval Aldori
  • Hate: People who see him for WHAT he is rather than WHO he is, vampires, the Cult of the Open Armed
  • Goal: Besides seeing the cult defeated, Garren hopes to free himself from his bloodline, make friends, see the world, and find more joy in life.

Born the same way all dhampir children are, Garren was born the child of a human mother and a vampire father. His birth was one of tragedy; his mother was particularly difficult to manipulate by his father, which led to an unwilling union. On the eve of his birth, his father was slain by hunters, and his mother was brought to a nearby church of Desna. Already weakened by the cruel treatment of Garren’s father, Garren’s mother did not survive childbirth. The blessings of Desna made it as safe for him to walk in the day as in the night, and the clergy raised him into young adulthood. The church reminded him to be grateful of his luck that he would not be brought up by such an evil creature as his father.

The Travelmaster of the church, Terra Caas, personally took Garren as a son; he taught him Desna’s optimistic teachings, showed him the stars that Desna created above their heads, and quelled his occasional outbursts of fear and confusion around a city that would not accept him for who he was. Terra reminded him that he was luckier than most of his kind, but Garren reminded him that he lost his mother. He began to question why Desna’s luck did not reach his mother, and he wanted to make the vampires of the world pay for taking his mother from him.

Despite his repeated attempts, Terra could not quench this fire in Garren’s heart. With a heavy sigh, he brought him a local book about vampire hunting, hoping that Garren would put it to good use during his travels as a young man.

He did not get along well with most in the city of Caliphas. The suspicious people of the city looked the other way when he spoke, and the children taunted him and threw rocks.

Inheriting his mother’s strength of will, he tried to remain resolute. The names and bullying from the children were met with quiet defiance. He would demand the attention of adults who ignored him, and when they refused to cooperate, he did what he had to on his own.

His situation only got worse, as some of the children equated his strong will to masking some kind of plan. Rumors began to spread that Garren was turning children into vampires like himself, so he wouldn’t be lonely anymore. When the children spread rumors about how a young girl disappearance was Garren’s fault, the suspicious people felt that their worst fears had been confirmed.

The day finally came when a small riot gathered outside of the Desnan church where Garren lived. They demanded the vampire-spawn be brought to justice, but the clergy denied them. Claiming that his journey to redemption would be now, they secretly sent him out the back while the rioters continued to argue with the clergy. Garren would have gotten away, if he had not noticed the father of the missing girl attacking Terra, shouting about the bastard son taking his only daughter and turning her into a monster.

Enraged that his adopted father was being attacked by a man who saw Garren as a beast, Garren grabbed a metal rod as he rushed back to protect Terra. He surprised himself and the crowd as he took down the muscular man with grace and poise. This attracted the attention of a nearby traveler, who inquired about the situation.

This man, clearly of grand intelligence, deduced what was happening quickly, and challenged Garren to a duel on the spot they stood. He stipulated that if he could get a single hit on the man, he would leave in peace, as would everyone else in town. If the man disarmed Garren, he would go with him. Garren cautiously accepted, and was disarmed in a matter of moments.

The man winked at Garren, whispered promises of his safety to the clergy, and took Garren to Restov in Brevoy. The next time he stepped out of the city of Restov, he was known as Garren Aldori.


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