This attractive half-elf's face is contorted with pain and loss. His slightly heavy figure suggests some neglect in daily training.

  • LN
  • Expert 7 (Successful Merchant, pg 263 NPC Codex)
  • Deity: Abadar
  • Love: Knowledgeable people (politicians, scholars, travelers), half-breeds (half-orcs, half-elves, teiflings, aasimars, etc.)
  • Hate: People who misuse the power given to them by rank
  • Goal: He currently cannot decide between security in Absalom and a life with fewer borders and more travel

Benneth came from a middle-class upbringing in the Coins district; the streets of Absalom were a long time stomping ground for him. His family was what most would equate to average, insofar as his upbringing. His mother was an elf and his father a human; they fell in love when Benneth’s father made a business trip to Kyonin to discuss trade ties to Absalom, where he met Benneth’s mother.

Benneth was raised by his parents; life was uneventful until his father passed away when Benneth was 38. Now in his 40s, he does trade work for the Pathfinder Society, organizing deals between the Grand Lodge and local businesses for goods and favors. Never becoming a Pathfinder himself, but always in the loop with agents who came and went, he became a valuable bookkeeper for the Society, and he is paid part-time to help the Society chronicle adventures as well as keep trade between the Grand Lodge and the city.

Benneth has never left Absalom, and it was this fear to leave his secure home that cost him his first wife, Rikki. Refusing her demands to leave the city for a life on the road, he was left behind to drink his sorrows away.

His life remains secure, but he still wonders what it could have been if he left…


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