Pathfinder: The Kingdom of Darkness

Group B: Two Ghosts, a Ghoul, and a Mutton Place

The road to Wolfpoint was long.

A new day dawned after the Battle of Logas. The townspeople gathered their bearings and resources from the surprisingly successful battle, won in no small part by the efforts a few extraordinary people.

The group of heroes met again in town, concluding that this cult was bad news. Seeing that they all needed to head north, they decided traveling together would be mutually beneficial. They agreed to meet at the town gates at noon to depart.

Dwyn, began his search for his sister in Logas, asking about town if they had seen a half-elf girl with blood-red hair. His search pointed him to the north, along the Conerica Straits.

While searching, the sounds of heavy metal boots rattled down the street. Instinctively leaping to the shadows, he stood still to listen. The men in armor were Hellknights in training, with the unmistakable tattoo of the Order of the Chain on their necks, depicting a hand wrapped in chains.

Not far away, Content Not Found: lanus watched them enter a familiar smithy, and speak to the young apprentice. They asked if they had seen this half-elf, citing a sketch of a half-elf man wh strikingly resembled Dwyn. The boy, gullible as he was, was fooled by Dwyn into thinking he was a dwarf, and asked him why they were looking for a dwarf.

Angered, the Hellknight, known to Dwyn as Odd Lucan, lifted the boy from his feet and demanded that he tell him where “Connor” was.

Dwyn and Lanus quickly sprung to action, drawing the Hellknights attention from the boy. Dwyn attempted to deny his identity, but the old family member saw through him, and combat ensued.

The Hellknights proved to be too experienced and well-armored for the group, even when Avacyntan, Jon, and Content Not Found: gale rushed to their aid. Jon was slain in the battle by Odd, but no sooner had his body hit the ground that a cleric of Sarenrae brought him back from his early grave. Right behind her was a very upset half-orc, fire sweeping across his greatsword and rage in his eyes, throwing himself at the Hellknights.

The two strangers gave the heroes enough time to escape intact. They regrouped at the gate to the north and fled for Wolfpoint.

Traveling along the Conerica River, they noticed a sign for the Sinking Flagon Inn, a reputable inn on the Conerica Straits. The heroes stopped by to get good food, and Lanus bedded a local waitress.

Dwyn asked around the inn, and the bartender reported that a girl matching Dwyn’s description headed further down the road.

Upon exiting the bedroom, Lanus and the waitress were disturbed by strange sounds. The echoes of a child danced in the hallway. A trail of old children’s toys seemed to be luring Lanus to the arms of an attic whisperer. He cautiously approached, drawing his weapon, determined to destroy it for Pharasma, but he was hesitant because of its childlike appearance.

Dwyn and Syn came to his aid, followed by Gale and Jon. The creature was put down, and the bartender was promptly questioned.

The Sinking Flagon Inn had been an orphanage before it burned down years ago. The owner of the Inn bought the land and refurbished it. They had no idea that there were any casualties in the fire, much less that they were restless.

The group moved on, continuing the trek to Wolfpoint.

As they passed a small forest, Dwyn noticed that his pocket seemed a bit light. He caught movement out of the corner of his eye, and noticed a small fox with their medallion in its mouth.

She was quick, and they nearly lost her as she bounded through the trees, past dusty ruins, and to the doors of a decrepit temple.

She giggled as the heroes caught their breath, pointing out that this was a cult base she had led them to. She introduced herself as Saya. Confident that the “heroes of Logas” could handle a few more cultists, she drew them in to help her ransack the base.

Eyebrows raised, the group begrudgingly followed her in.

The base was cold and stone, with dust filling the air. They almost immediately noticed someone walking the halls, and pursued him to find a large locked door with five keyholes.

Saya asked Gale to help her with a task while the rest of them tried to open the door.

The first key was found inside an undead ooze that could spawn skeletons. Jon boldly leaped inside the ooze to fish the key out, but found himself unable to maneuver out of the ooze’s grip. Fortunately, the undine Syn effortlessly destroyed the skeletons with holy power and swam through the ooze with ease.

The second key was around the neck of a ghost in a secret laboratory hidden behind the walls of the temple. The ghost was frantically trying to prepare some kind of alchemical concoction, with no success. Syn approached the ghost gently, and conversed with the troubled specter. The ghost, an elven male, couldn’t remember his name, where he was, or even what a god was. He only remembered the name of his love: Pallos. Pallos had commanded him to create large quantities of a poison called Night’s Breath, the recipe card of which Jon had already found.

The ghost seemed fixed on the word “friend”, repeating it like a mantra. Feeling it was appropriate, Syn decided to call this ghost Friend; Friend seemed excited to have companions in the living world once more.

Friend relinquished the key, only asking that the heroes stop Pallos, because he was no longer the man he fell in love with. With those words, he left this plane for the Boneyard, seemingly at peace.

The third key was found in the waiting mouth of a mummified corpse that also bore a trap that paralyzed some of the heroes. Several zombies rose from the ground to slay some of the paralyzed heroes.

The fourth key was found at the end of a grim hallway filled with hanging undead, whom Lanus sent to their final rest with a vial of holy water. A large chasm with a small foothold separated them from a statue with the key placed in an indent.

The final key was found on the possession of an underling in the cult base. Luckily, he dropped the key outside the door.

The door unlocked, and the heroes piled in to find a ghoul cleric handing a black vial to a man in white robes: Pallos.

Grumbling that some fox girl had stolen the larger supply of poison, he turned to greet the party. Amused by their tenacity, he smiled.

Pallos was callous to the fate of Friend, claiming he had done what was asked and would have been sent to the Great Beyond either way.

Pallos waved his hand at his underling, Tholrist, ordering him to destroy the interlopers he let in. Tholrist let loose waves of negative energy as the party dueled with his ghoul entourage.

The battle was hard-won, but Tholrist fell in the end.

The temple now empty of life/unlife, the heroes returned to the surface to find Saya toting an enormous bag of black vials. Gale had departed to find his missing coven. Saya thanked them for their help, and walked with them to Wolfpoint.

Finally reaching Wolfpoint, the heroes took their evening to the local brothel for food and song and drink, as well as a few bedfellows.



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