Pathfinder: The Kingdom of Darkness

Group A: Trouble Within

The lines between friend and foe are not always clear...

After a few hours of settling back in, the Arbiters split up for awhile. Some of them decided to go and report their adventures to the Pathfinder Society; they explained that Zalor wanted to move her keep to the Kortos Mounts and were advised to take it up with city officials.
Altaire returned to the temple of Cayden Cailean; on his way there, he met a young man by the name of Mateba, who was highly interested in Lili’s apparent sentience. Altaire did his best to explain to Mateba that Lili was a real, thinking person in her own right, telling the young mage of his time in the Shelynite temple. While the two of them discussed the finer points of eidolons, Lili decided to patrol the city from above; on her way, however, she met a mysterious woman in the skies. The woman accused her of being too much of a hero and taking all the glory; Lili did not understand. Frustrated, the woman cast a spell on the eidolon, reducing her appearance to that of a child, and fled. Lili was understandably confused by her new look, and she flew off to find someone who could fix it.

Finding solace in honing their skills, both Hroth and Nochte ended up at the archery range; they engaged in a little friendly competition, and their remarkable skill soon drew the stares of others at the range. In the end, they performed about equally, and they were both invited to perform at the Archerfeast in a week’s time. Leaving the range, Hroth and Nochte started talking about their pasts; unwilling to discuss it in public, they temporarily rented out a room to speak in. Over the next couple hours, they compared past experiences of solitude and loss, eventually finding some common ground.

Still worn out from their journey, Suhaila, Hroth, and Nochte all arrived at Meg’s, hoping to get a quiet drink; when they arrived, however, there was already a large crowd gathered around the performance stage. On stage, Garren and Treval were dueling yet again; this time, however, it appeared that Garren was actively teaching Treval, rather than fighting him. The pair sparred well, but the younger man was eventually knocked out.

After receiving healing, the fighters exchanged light conversation, talking about recent events. Suddenly, a slight movement caught their eyes; Nochte, having recognized Garren as a dhampir, had him in his sights, and shot an arrow at him without warning.

For the next few seconds, chaos ensued. Suhaila threw herself in front of Garren, taking the hit for him; seeing his mentor attacked and Suhaila injured sent Treval flying into a rage, and he charged Nochte, swinging his sword wildly. The snow elf shot the young man point blank, nearly killing him. Hroth attempted to stun Nochte with a punch, but Nochte dodged the swing, continuing his attack. Just in time, Jaistelle, who was also visiting the bar, cast a calming spell on all the combatants, ending the conflict.

Calmed but not appeased, Nochte claimed that he could not let a creature like Garren live, because of his heritage; his goddess would not allow it. Hearing this ideology enraged Hroth, who was no stranger to racism, and he stormed out of the bar. Jaistelle sympathized with Nochte on the importance of faith, but she did her best to convince him to leave the dhampir in peace. After a long conversation, Nochte apologized to Garren, shook hands with him, and left to pray.

As Garren and Treval took their leave, Suhaila followed them. She and Treval had a brief and awkward conversation; recognizing the reason for their awkwardness, Garren grinned and pulled his student away, whispering to him in a conspiratory manner about the upcoming Archerfeast.
When she went back into the bar, Suhaila was shunted into the kitchen by Meg; during the scuffle, her Daylight ability had been involuntarily triggered, and Meg didn’t want her patrons blinded. While in there, Suhaila was discovered by a child-sized Lili, who tried to explain what happened. After the magical effect was dispelled, Lili returned to the bar to accompany a now inebriated Altaire, who had arrived at the tavern moments after the commotion had died down.

A few minutes later, a strange woman entered the bar, and Lili paled; it was the woman who had ensorcelled her earlier in the day. The woman, who introduced herself as Kate Doles, had heard the commotion in the bar from a distance and hurried there in hopes of saving the day; upon discovering that the day had already been saved, she grew petulant, only brightening when she received a free drink.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully, and the Arbiters returned home to prepare for tomorrow…



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