Pathfinder: The Kingdom of Darkness

Group B: Rising Tides

The Heroes of Logas are now the "Enemies of Elidir."

The Heroes of Logas were welcomed into the Tayner estate and brought to the guest wing to survey the collection of tomes that Aurine Tayner had amassed about creatures from beyond. The group studied them closely with the assistance of Hanes.

Meanwhile, on the road to Elidir, a small caravan carrying a number of travelers entered the city’s borders. A ranger named Revosh, his wolf companion Fieris, and the elven gun expert Content Not Found: beshkee-jathal were among the travelers. After exchanging some pleasantries with the other passengers, they were deposited in the capital city.

As they explored the new and lawful hold, they noticed a parade entering the city. Flowers were thrown on the road and praising words flooded the street as Grand Maester Pallos was joyously greeted by the people of Elidir. He handed money to the poor and the weak as he walked, and the people could only leave his side when he entered the Ebony District, the wealthier part of town.

Noticing that masked men in dark cloaks appeared to be tailing him, Revosh and Kesh elected to follow the train into the Ebony District. Kesh took special interest, as the masks they wore seemed familiar.

The Heroes of Logas poured through the dusty tomes, while taking some much needed time to breathe. The nervous Lady Tayner sat nervously in the ballroom, waiting for their answer to her fears.

While working out on the balcony, Content Not Found: lanus spotted the procession coming down the street. He returned inside to let his comrades know, but noticed that Lady Tayner seemed awfully quiet and slumped over in her chair. He examined her more closely, calling her name, but got no response.

When he opened her mouth, he was greeted with the rancid stench of rotting flesh. Her insides had been completely rotted to an unhealthy green.

Reeling from the sudden nature of her death, they almost failed to notice the Grand Maester walking into the room with a squad of Hellknights, lead by Odd Lucan. Pallos accused them immediately of killing the Lady Tayner, and the Hellknights around him offered no argument. Pallos, with a sneer, left them to be arrested by Lieutenant Lucan.

Lucan and the heroes were both caught off-guard by the entrance of two Proxie, as well as two strangers following the Proxies. The Hellknights slowly began to see that something was off here. The Proxies were beaten, and the heroes turned to Lucan hoping to explain that they had all been set up.

Before anyone could say anything, Odd Lucan fell quiet, staring at some distant object. This object landed from her hiding place on the ceiling and slashed both of her sawtooth sabers across Odd’s neck. While his blood spilled, she took off her mantis mask, revealing a half-elf woman with blood red hair who watched Lucan die with a sickening satisfaction.

As Lucan slipped away, his brother Eaon, a Captain of the Hellknight Order of the Chain, burst into the room with more Hellknights at his command. The blood-haired woman fled out of a window at the sight of him.

Enraged by the death of his brother, he ordered that everyone in the room was under arrest, and that the knights under Odd’s command would obey his orders and take them in. He turned about to chase after the fleeing woman, claiming he would be back for Dwyn later.

Not taking any chances, the heroes, and their unexpected new cohorts, escaped into the evening streets of Elidir, regrouping at the run-down temple of Milani.

Dwyn gave chase after the woman, Shaharazad, who was the one he had been looking for. She had become a member of the Red Mantis Assassins, and had been hired to kill Odd by a man named Pallos. She gladly took the job, and she looked forward to when she might be called to kill Eaon. Dwyn couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He begged her to forget about her new god, forget about their family, forget about all the pain, and come with him.

She became quiet, turned to Dwyn, pulled him close, and kissed him passionately. Then a bolt of green energy separated them, and Hanes pointed out the saber she was drawing to stick in Dwyn. She retreated, leaving Dwyn confused and more alone than before.

Hanes and Dwyn eventually caught up to the rest of the group, who had set up a small camp for the night under the roof of Milani’s broken temple. They swapped stories, food, and welcomed the traveler Revosh and the vengeance-driven Kesh into the fold. They would leave Isger for good in the morning.

To that end, Jon made arrangements with the local magic shop clerk, Kad Brelin, to help them escape under the cover of a wagon filled with hay and pig feces. Not everyone was on board for this plan.

Kad agreed and successfully smuggled them out of the city’s limits, and bid them farewell, as they tried to put as much distance between them and the Hellknights as possible.

They decided to travel to the nation of Andoran to the southeast. They swam the Conerica river, bribed the checkpoint guards, and found themselves in Andoran territory in a few days.

No sooner had they stepped on Andoran soil a storm began to pick up. What appeared to be some kind of enormous hurricane whipped rain in their faces and flash flooded the loose soil beneath their feet.

They took refuge in the Candlestone Caverns, where they found the tracks of kobolds, and the tracks of several dragged prisoners.

The Heroes of Logas investigated the small cave system beyond the mouth of the caverns they entered and discovered a kobold hideout. They had taken several live humanoid prisoners as feed for their animals, subjects of new poison concoctions, and more vile things below.

Steeling themselves for what lay below, they plunged the depths of the caverns to hopefully free subjects of torture, experimentation, or worse.



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