Pathfinder: The Kingdom of Darkness

Group B: High Society in Low Places

An angry town finds a surprise under their feet.

The Heroes of Logas had finally reached Wolfpoint, and decided to take a load off. Taking several handsome soldiers to bed and many drinks to their gullets, the evening went well.

Until a condescending voice asked them if they’d have another.

Pallos stood behind the bar, a bloody corpse of one of the two tengu brothel owners to his right. He gave them a sneer and demanded that they return the recipe for the Night’s Breath that they stole from his base.

Despite several tricky efforts, Pallos proved to be too clever and demanded the recipe in exchange for the lives of everyone in the bar. Holding spell over his head, he held out his hand.

The recipe was given and Pallos dropped his spell. He delivered another quick tirade about what he planned to do with the Kingdom of Darkness when the cult would finally achieve their goal.

When the chaotic kingdom is established, Pallos intended to pick up the pieces; specifically the corpses, and use them for his own domain as soldiers and subjects.

With a wink, he was gone.

The Heroes of Logas left the next morning, and Saya departed for Absalom and the Pathfinder Grand Lodge to speak about the cult’s intentions and movements to her comrades.

The Heroes followed the road to Elidir, the capital of Isger, hoping that the more cosmopolitan setting might hold more clues.

On the way the heroes came across the town of Saringallow, a town established on blood and distrust.

The town was in a state of near civil war. A large number of thefts had been committed as of late, and tensions were beginning to rise because of them. The nobles of the town claimed that the smelly commoners were thieving their valuables, but the villagers pointed to several instances of thievery committed in their homes as well. The nobles wrote it off as a cover up by the culprit to throw them of the trail.

Splitting up to do damage control, Avacyntan took to the city hall in time for a meeting between the “factions” of the town. The town’s mayor, Fegerend Gof, and the council woman of the nobles, Claire Thalmus, had great difficulty seeing eye to eye. Syn’s silver tongue managed to help avoid a brawl in the town hall, but the tensions could only be delayed.

Dwyn interviewed a number of people who had witnessed the the thieving, and was able to glean that they only attacked n the night time and took only food and a few things of slight value.

Content Not Found: lanus spoke with the local guards to step up the security and find some kind of middle ground for the guards, who were also split between the townspeople and the Chelish nobles’ private guard force.

Jon elected to the take the investigation a little farther, and took to the sewers to track the culprits for the thefts. With a little luck, he came across one of the thieves watching him from a distance. Following their trail, he came across an underground structure that resembled the cult base that they had visited the day previous.

Giving his pet crow a message, he sent the bird to deliver news of his findings to the rest of the group.

Crow delivered the message, and the Heroes of Logas rallied to Jon’s position. The base was occupied, but not by the cult.

A large colony of friendly Dark Folk had taken residence in an abandoned cult base.

The heroes were welcomed with both smiling faces and cautious stares, but the leader of the community, Svanik, was more than happy to explain himself and this people. They had fled former homes with other, more violent and callous dark folk to lead a more peaceful existence. They had found this base by accident as they dug up, and they sealed the entrance to the Darklands behind them. They had much less food this close to the surface, so they had to resort to less-than-honorable means to secure food. Painfully aware that the surface people would likely not respond well to a dark stalker visiting them at night to discuss trade, they decided this was the safest course of action.

He also wondered aloud if the town of Saringallow would want stones that the dark folk could grow. Syn examined a piece of these stones, and discovered that they were metamagic stones, powerful magical artifacts. Syn assured that the people above could benefit from them greatly.

Lanus rushed back to ask the soldiers he had rallied against the thieves to hold their wrath for a moment so negotiations could commence. While the town guard was compliant, the nobleman guard was less accommodating, determined to destroy the creatures who preyed on his charge. Lanus managed to convince him to speak before raising his spear.

While Svanik seemed excited to negotiate some kind of settlement, his right hand Porvin was not as trusting of the surface-dwellers. He seemed to be more content hiding in the base, continuing to steal. Svanik had made his decision, and was escorted to the town hall to discuss an arrangement.

While Svanik was taken to town hall with Syn, Lanus, and Dwyn to speak to the nobles and mayor’s council, Jon stayed behind to watch the dark folk. Jon was accosted by several dark folk who saw things Porvin’s way, and Porvin escaped with several of his own to murder Svanik before he made the mistake of trusting the surface-dwellers.

The negotiations were long but ended well. Svanik was allowed to establish a bit of trade while under watch.

While the negotiations came to near a conclusion, the Heroes of Logas tried their best to quietly hold off the dark folk attackers. Porvin managed to get into the hall and make and attempt on Svanik’s life, while Dwyn and Syn passed it of as a kind of cultural thing that dark folk do as part of diplomacy.

Svanik managed to pacify Porvin harmlessly, urging the Heroes to not kill him or any more men. Haning his head in shame, Svanik saw that perhaps his people couldn’t live in harmony with the surface. He apologized to the noblemen and common council and saw himself out.

Surprisingly, Claire stopped him, and Fegerend urged him to stay.

Things worked out well, and the town of Saringallow would certainly benefit from the new trade of metamagic stones. The Heroes of Logas kindly departed from th thankful town, continuing their journey to the capital.



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