Pathfinder: The Kingdom of Darkness

Group A: Siege of Aroden's Tower

In a place of nearly-drowned mystery, the stakes are raised...

On their way downstairs, the Arbiters ran into reinforcements- Garren, Zarishu, and Treval were sent by the Pathfinder Society to aid them. In an attempt to gain access to the basement, the Arbiters found a secret room with a marid inside; they answered his riddle, and the path to the basement opened, revealing an underwater passage. The heroes headed inside, and after a short scuffle with a surly eel, they came to the vault; the room was aglow with divine wards, and within laid a collection of Starstone shards ranging in size from pebbles to boulders. Realizing that they were not yet powerful to renew the wards themselves, the Arbiters retrieved some books from a watertight room and returned upstairs, resting for the night.

In the morning, they prepared to leave, but as they descended the stairs, they heard the footsteps of wights below them and familiar voices above them. Garren, Treval, Meg, and Zarishu agreed to hold back the undead from below, and the Arbiters returned upstairs; as expected, Spencer and Tazula were waiting for them, and a fierce battle ensued. The heroes fought bravely, but it soon became clear that they were outmatched. Just as they neared defeat, however, they were rescued by Shelyn herself; standing alongside Silhren, she guided her champion’s blade into Spencer’s chest, leaving him near true death.

Unfortunately, Shelyn was not the only outside force watching; before Silhren could strike the killing blow, a man in white full plate and a faceless mask teleported Spencer and Tazula away. As they left, Spencer warned the Arbiters to “wait until the full moon.”
After the fight, Shelyn addressed Silhren; after praising his efforts, she warned him of the dangers of the cult and charged him with the task of destroying it. The heroes agreed to do so together, promising Shelyn that they would make every effort.

Downstairs, the Arbiters found that their friends’ fight against the wights had been successful, but not without cost; Treval had succumbed to the undead creatures’ attacks, and the young man lay dying on the steps. Fueled by a fear of losing him, Suhaila desperately flooded his body with channeled energy; fortunately, the positive energy worked, and he regained consciousness.

Exhausted but alive, the Arbiters headed home. The full moon was to take place in three days’ time at the Archerfeast… and there was nothing to do but watch and wait.



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