Pathfinder: The Kingdom of Darkness

Group A: Goblin Surprise

Stowaways are never pleasant surprises...

Aboard the Spoiled Brat, passengers await landing at the docks of Absalom, the city at the center of the world. A truly colorful list of passengers walked the deck. Altaire (Ali) Goldmeadow, the gnome summoner with his companion, Lilli, rode to Absalom to find fame. Suhaila Liliya Ayperi traveled in search of the brother who left home and only wrote once. Sym sought knowledge and understanding of the world around him. Silhren Rilbahn desired a chance to serve Shelyn. Content Not Found: rethovel-wa-naonel came with a curse and the desire to break it. Hroth fled his home in accordance with his master’s wishes. Among the hopeful crew, they were not the only ones with dreams in Absalom.

Unfortunately, this trip to Absalom was not to be a quiet one; nearly an hour before landing at port, goblins sprung a trap after being discovered by a shipmate. The goblins blasted from their hiding places and attempted to take the ship, while applying a mysterious flask of dark magic. The passengers of the Spoiled Brat took the fight to them and repelled the stowaways.

The flask of dark magic possessed the crewman who found the goblins in hiding. When the passengers found him, he had already begun to change; his skin was washed with black, and his eyes became red. He summoned a number of skeletons and desecrated the lower deck of the ship.

The crew survived, and the new heroes found themselves victorious.

One of the passengers suggested that the group find the Grand Lodge of the Pathfinder Society, and it became clear that the Pathfinder Society would have some influential new members…



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